Global TEFL is proud to present our interactive and most comprehensive 150 hour classroom TEFL / TESOL certificate program. It is also an efficient and fun way to learn how to teach English abroad.

TEFL certificates are the most widely recognised international qualification for English teachers around the world. During our course you will gain insight into teaching styles, methods, skills and grammar to enable you to develop all of the potential you have in teaching English.

Our course will cover some of the following topics:

Day 1

Saturday 9am - 7pm

  1. EFL games and activities
  2. Lesson planning
  3. Methodologies
  4. Hands-on TEFL/TESOL teaching practice
  5. How to teach all language skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)
  6. Develop understanding of English grammar

Day 2

Sunday 9am - 7pm

  1. How to teach vocabulary
  2. How to improve pronunciation
  3. Teaching young learners
  4. Access to highly qualified TEFL/TESOL tutors
  5. Job placement service
  6. Inside career advice and much more