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About teaching in Argentina

Argentina is a twirling tango of chic city living and rugged natural beauty. For the urbanite there is a chattering café culture, deference to food and fashion and all-consuming passion for futbal! For the nature lover, Argentina is Patagonia, with its pristine glaciers, and the Andes, where snow-swept mountains form the backbone of the country. This is the gateway to Antarctica, the birthplace of Maradona, and the home of the Gaucho, Argentina is calling!

The Teach & Learn Argentina program offers participants the amazing opportunity to gain TEFL teaching experience, enjoy Argentina’s elegant culture and improve Spanish speaking skills! Placements are located throughout the country with one of the program highlights being that many of the placements are in smaller Argentine towns and cities which are off the beaten tourist trail. The home-stay experience truly allows participants to experience authentic local life!

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