Online Courses Testimonials
The course content was very well organized. I had a great time learning IELTS Exam Prep, I look forward to taking these skills and helping students all over the world. Thank you Global TEFL for helping me gain more knowledge.
Posted By:Jeffrey Ryan
Global TEFL has been such a great experience, and I am thankful to have been apart of this learning adventure. The resources are extremely thorough, very insightful, and encapsulates what teaching English is about perfectly.
Posted By:Shade Marcus
This has been an amazing, yet at times challenging course but it was worth it to have expanded my knowledge. The course is extremely user friendly and accessible. It was a pleasure earning my TEFL with GLT. Thank you.
Posted By:Christen Rao
Overall, I was quite satisfied with this course. Unlike many online programs .that I have taken, there was relevant content along with built in accountabilities. I wish grading was not so heavily weighted to just one aspect of the course, For not that, I would award 5 stars.
Posted By:Mona Colicchie
Global TEFL is very insightful. It is full of a lot of knowledge, with the addition of secondary resources in which enables me to do my own studying.
Posted By:Adetayo Adebajo
A big thanks the trainer support and Global for making this possible for me ... my journey has been extremely informative and beneficial and im now definitely "reading fit" for lack of a better word...i think i can win a "readathon" or two with all the reading i did. The forums were interesting to be part of and the course overall was challenging but not difficult. the Self study in between the modules was a big help. Im very exciting and anxious for the road ahead.
thanks for everything!
Posted By:Dawood James
The course work is set out comprehensively. The content is valuable and informative regarding all stages of teaching. Overall, a very good experience, helpful trainers and interesting videos linked to the course work.
Posted By:Cathrine-Rose De Freitas
The course was exactly what I was looking for. There was a lot of information and I felt that I learned a lot.
Posted By:Josh Center
I had a great time learning with Global TEFL. It was very practical and useful lesson.
Posted By:Arlinda Sinani
I enjoyed this immensely . Learning about teaching and preparing for a TEFL was informative and also renewed my desire to teach. It was actual fun to learn .
Posted By:Kimberly Hutchins
This course is very well laid out. Modules are easy to follow and integrates knowledge from previous modules. Activities are provided throughout the course in order to track ones progress. Trainer responds swiftly. Thank you for the opportunity.
Posted By:Nasreen Moerat
It was an honour doing this course with Global TEFL and I would like to thank and appreciate my Trainer Johanna Paredes for the help and guidance throughout the course thank you once again.
Posted By:Shahmeer Sohail Sattar
This was a fun and interesting course. It definitely does help if one has gained a little experience in teaching or tutoring students, to understand the concepts in the course more easily.
Posted By:Odwa Mpongo
Global TEFL is absolutely worth it. I have learned different techniques on how to become an effective instructor. It provided examples in real the real world. This course will bring out the best in you.
Posted By:Rochelle Flores
Taking the TEFL from Global language training was a great experience. The trainer was very helpful. Everything from started to finish was s smooth process.
Posted By:Alex Chan
I learned some amazing information with Global TEFL. I will definitely use this information in my teaching career. I am glad that I was able to save some of the pdfs so I can refer back to them. This will be helpful.
Posted By:Whitney Brimhall
Global TEFL is a great platform to get the qualification. It is very structured, organized and easy to use. The service they offer is also very fast and the content is appropriate and applicable.
Posted By:Rachelle Louw
AMAZING! website is User friendly, plenty of insight and they include additional reading material
Posted By:Elvin Edwards
At first, I was reluctant about online TEFL courses, but Global Language Training offers a comprehensive course that is detailed and informative. In fact, I learned how to develop a proper lesson plan from this course. I had always struggled to develop good plans as a Teacher, but the format that I learned to use put everything into perspective for me. I strongly recommend taking this course.
Posted By:Nassera Ducre
This was a really interesting course,I learned so much.
I would definitely recommend this course to every person who would like to become a teacher abroad. It has an incredible amount of information.
Thank you for designing such a brilliant course.
Posted By:Etienne Pietersen
This course was extremely beneficial in every aspect. I enjoyed the learning process and the content of the modules. Videos showing practical examples further facilitated my learning process. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to teach abroad. Thank you Global Language Training for this amazing opportunity.
Posted By:Tasneem Rahim
The course is extremely informative and I have learnt a lot in completing this course. It was a really enjoyable course and would like to support all members that assisted me in getting through it.

Thank you for everything.
Posted By:Sean Vianello
This course was very informative as well as convenient. I was able to work at my own pace from home and still continue my other responsibilities. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to teach English as a foreign language.
Posted By:Roderick Galloway
I was very glad to study on your courses.I`ve got perfect knowledge of lesson planning in CLT, I know how to develop different skills teaching in CLT.It`s very important to put accents correctly,taking the learners centredness into account and emphisizing on communicative approach.Thank you for your effective and comprehensive courses.
Posted By:Kseniia Pisareva
I am super happy to become an ESL teacher. I liked my course very very much. I will recommend it to my colleagues.
Posted By:Anatolii Khramov
This course supplemented my knowledge of English teaching. It also gave me many useful links and ideas that can be used for further lessons. Thank you!
Posted By:Anastasia Zamiatina
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was well structured, organised and very enlightening. Definitely happy I chose to study this TEFL course. Thank you Global Language Training.
Posted By:Cheryl-Anne Da Mata Rodrigues
I really enjoyed doing this course. It was simple and very informative.

I would reccomend this to my friends.
Posted By:Jasmine Hazi
This is a quality TEFL course. I was thoroughly challenged and inspired at the same time. I have learned so many teaching tools that I can start using in the classroom from today. I look forward to putting all this knowledge into practice.
Posted By:Aimee Stevenson
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The content and structure makes it very easy to follow.

Posted By:Ryan Matthews
5 stars. I am satisfied with my choice. The course is good.
Posted By:Anna Yurinskaya
Good course. I am for sure recommend for teachers and future teachers.
Posted By:Svetlana Fadeeva
The modules are clear, logically and well researched.
Posted By:Mindy Burkhardt
The platform is easy to use and you can work at your own pace.
Posted By:Ilana Brandon
Anyone interested in taking the Global TEFL 40 hour course should consider taking it. Simply because it is thoughtful and I actually had a visual of the potential classrooms due to the training. I loved the training because I was able to learn procedures in a short period of time.
Posted By:Tonya Williams
Global TEFL made it very easy to do this course while I also worked. Very flexible and efficient.
Posted By:Caroline Coghlan
The course was very self explanatory. The quizzes were directly related to the material and were an excellent preparation for the final exam. The trainers availability was excellent, and I was lucky to deal with Johanna, who was very friendly and helpful. 100 % would recommend.
Posted By:Mohamed Eita
I truly enjoyed this course. It has helped me a lot in preparing lessons. It is simply to navigate and I love that I was able to do it at my own pace.
Posted By:Ashley Hofflander
This course was informative and easy to follow. The videos were also a nice addition.
Posted By:Emiola Osho
The course is very thorough and really provides you with the tools you need.
Posted By:Jennifer Garro
This is my Second Course that I have done with Global TEFL UK and it is simply amazing what type of courses and support you guys offer. I would recommend you to anybody anytime. Thank you so much.
Posted By:Casper Vorster
I am glad I chose this course. I am a novice teacher. I received a lot of useful and interesting information. The structure of the course is clear and convenient.
Posted By:Alena Yanushka
The course was enjoyable and concise. It adds on to a full TEFL course well by being specifically focused on young learners needs.
Posted By:Michelle Stuart
I really enjoyed taking the course, it was informative, clear and to the point.
Posted By:Gonzalo Alcalde
Wow. I have really learnt a lot. The course is extremely interesting and well laid out. I am looking forward to using my newly acquired knowledge.
Posted By:Hendrik Coetzee
Global TEFL is a well-structured course that provided me with very useful information about a variety of teaching methodologies, techniques, and styles, which I am sure will help me become a better teacher.
Posted By:Ivona Mitrovic
I enjoyed the course and found the information useful and easy to understand.
Posted By:Kim Wu
They have helpful materials and great email support. I definitely recommend it.
Posted By:Wladislawa Werth
What a brilliant and usefull learning experience. Thank you so much Global. This is my second Certificate through your Company and it remains a pleasure and honor. Thank you
Posted By:Casper Vorster
I have done my TEFL and Business English thought Global and I will recommend them to anyone.

Thank you very much
Posted By:Nicolene Vorster
A good course that I have learned many things from it . It helps me a lot in every aspect of my teaching career.
Thanks Global TEFL
Posted By:Heshw Omer
I recommend the Tefl courses from Global language training. They are good.
Posted By:Irina Konareva
I absolutely love learning and I absolutely loved this course. Can’t wait to see where it will take me next.
Posted By:Sierra Gordon
I received ample support and quick responses. I would definitely recommend this course
Posted By:Elizabeth Chaffee
Excellent learning experience
Posted By:黄 晓红
First kind of teaching platform with so man resources that empowers its students.I like it a lot.Keen to find out about other advance English courses.
Posted By:Kwazi Dlamini
I am very pleased with the course i have done and very pleased with the trainer Johanna i had. Global TEFL is very straightforward and professional. I have recommended you to many already. Thanks for the leaning content. I learnt a lot.
Posted By:Nicole De Jager
Really Imformative and useful. Learned things I never knew.
GLOBAL TEFL has been amazing. I loved your platform and the content was very well organised.
Posted By:Virginia Abrigo
This course was very informational. I was surprised by the amount of material that was covered in this course. I believe that this course will set me up for success to teach in my own classroom.
Posted By:Tyrone Brown
Global TELF gave me the confidence I needed to believe that I could travel across the globe to teach English. With their professional trainers and extensive resources, I feel like I can walk into a classroom and begin teaching tomorrow. Thank you Global TELF.
Posted By:Cassie Johnston
The experience with Global TEFL was really good. Quick responses from my trainer really made an impact. Thank you.
Posted By:Aasif Sirkhotte
Interesting courses. Would like to see what comes in the future.
Posted By:Matthew Miller
I thoroughly enjoyed taking my 150 hour Master Tefl. There is a lot of informative reading on this course and I do feel it has added value to me as a tutor.
Posted By:Homaira Humayun
I found this course to be of a very high standard and I am pleased with how it went. I look forward to using the qualification.
Posted By:Rachel Harding
Easy to navigate, easy to stay on track and perfect for somebody who wants to work at their own pace
Posted By:Shelby Puckett
I tried teaching courses before, but this one I liked the most. Really good.
Posted By:Iuliana Abelova
I am 100 percent satisfied with Global TEFL.
Posted By:Rostyslav Mochalov
Excellent teaching course.
Posted By:Iia Malokutsko
This course helped me refresh my grammar skills and prepare me to teach English as a second language.
Posted By:Jillian Drake
The course modules were very explanatory and easy to comprehend. Thanks
When to be honest, the course is very informative, useful and comprehensive. It contains all the necessary information needed as an English teacher. You will learn different theories and practices from the reading materials, videos, exercises and quizzes provided. The navigation page is very accessible and convenient to use. In all, I like the course contents very much! I definitely recommend this course from Global TEFL for all non-experienced to experienced English teacher.
Posted By:David Green
I have found the TEFL online training courses to be intuitive and highly informative. I would heartily recommend their courses to anyone who may be considering a career in teaching.
Posted By:Oliver Newberry-Martin
Great Company with great TEFL course.
Posted By:Przemysław Molski
The course was very beneficial for me. I learned many tips, which I can implement in my classes.
Posted By:Anastasiia Moshkina
I enjoyed the way you took me step by step to understand why and how to teach. It was very informative and practical. Thank you
Posted By:Bianca Kaese
The information is very precise, informative, and simple to follow and understand. It has been an enjoyable to study at my own pace and to complete all that was required.
I will look forward to more of the courses that are available.
Posted By:Zahra Hussain-Mohamed
The IELTS course was very good, and gave me a lot of new ideas for working with my online students.
Posted By:Stephanie Mojica
There was a lot of really good information given in the course.
Posted By:Ajah Ogio
Global TEFL is the best TEFL program out there.
Posted By:Shawn Grant
The lessons and the self study segments of these courses are very helpful. I see myself consistently reviewing them throughout my English teaching career.
Posted By:Neely Neverson
Very informative and engaging course.. would highly recommend
Posted By:Kevin Alberto
Great Course. Plenty of options and resources to study on my own time.
Posted By:Gilbert Flores
All teaching material was effective and helped me to obtain my knowledge on teaching.
Posted By:Parveen Mehmi
The journey with Global language Training was good. The institution has taught me all the valuable skills to prepare me what I can expect as a teacher in a foreign country and I felt a sense of achievement after each and every module.
Posted By:Andre Lotterie
I was very impressed with the course and content. I feel very comfortable with the information provided and ready to begin teaching.
Posted By:Gilbert Flores
The course was much more comprehensive than I expected it to be, and I found my trainer very helpful. It has given me a good foundation for teaching English.
Posted By:Caitlin Whitsitt
Excellent service accompanied by great tutors. This system works well to equip future teachers with the skills to teach others in the best way possible.
The course has been brilliant to follow and easy to use.The Global TEFL team is friendly and quick to help.
Posted By:Lisa Steyn
Excellent website and very easy to use
Posted By:Shaheer Aslam Joiya
Global TEFL was great, I learned a lot from taking the course and I am very pleased.
Posted By:Michelle McMurray
The information that I was given is priceless. It was worth every minute of time spend studying.
Posted By:Petrichka Strydom
I enjoyed every bit of this course. It is educating and impacting. I will recommend for everyone.
Posted By:Pamilerin Olalumade
This course was very enlightening and widened my horizon towards online teaching.
Posted By:Adedamola Ogungbe
I had a great experience. I would recommend this for everyone.
Posted By:Oluwatosin Akinfala
The course was well paced and easily laid out. The content was not overwhelming and the videos were very helpful.
Posted By:Karel Henry
Straightforward course, easy website interfacing.
Posted By:Cindy Thomas
I started my 150 hour online approximately a 3 months ago.It was very easy to follow the course due to its module structure and the online quiz are really helpful and my trainer was understanding and very supportive.
Good course. The material was very interesting and exciting.
Posted By:Andrei Fedoreev
For me this course was really good and useful. I could use my new knowledge in the classroom. I liked this course.
Posted By:Kevin Fowler
I enjoyed doing the course. Especially that there are self study quizzes at the end of each part to monitor your progress. I have already recommended it to others.
Posted By:Mignon du Toit
The trainers were very helpful, and I really enjoyed the course.
Posted By:Sean Du Plessis
Very informative course. I had a lot of fun with it. I appreciate the straightforward style of the learning materials.
Posted By:Emina Dedic
The 120 Hour course from Global TEFL is very useful because it is full of information and also provides several videos to demonstrate the various concepts in action.
Posted By:Richard Tamez
I absolutely loved this course. At no point was I bored and I really enjoyed how well it prepares you for your career as an English foreign language teacher. It is thorough yet not tedious.
Posted By:Lauren Hinchliff
Global TEFL is accommodating. They allow you to get the best results possible.The forums allow you to engage and revise topics that you did not really understand.
Posted By:Robin Crouse
Informative and helpful to consolidate grammar skills
Posted By:Waheeda Dendar
Material is very good for learning. Kept me interested. Each topic was not too long.
Posted By:Sharne Vertuin
Very easy to follow, straightforward, and informative
Posted By:Alyssa Cawley
The Master TEFL course is detailed and more practical than a 3 year course in some tertiary institutions.
Posted By:Nazir Kamilu Muhammad
I am very satisfied with the course, which, although short, was very comprehensive. Special thanks to the trainers, who provide guidance and reply to all the questions as fast and possible.
Posted By:Angelica Aguilar Flores
This course was extremely helpful, but I still feel I need much more and would like to take other classes. There is so much information that is available through this course that it is well worth the money invested. I just wish I was not sick at the time taking this course as I feel like my mind has been in a fog. Once I get better, I am going to look into taking other courses. It would be nice to have someone available to talk to with questions or available answers for tests so that you can try to figure out or learn what one may have missed. Seriously liked this course though. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.
Posted By:Bonni Shuff
I enjoyed the course. However, I felt that sometimes the trainer did not really answer my questions. I think some communication was lost during the emailing process.
Posted By:Amy Veenstra
It has been a positive experience. Friendly staff with quick responses.

Thank you Global TEFL
Posted By:Sonia Ferreira
The course offers great way of teaching techniques for all learning styles
Posted By:Nathan Davids
Thanks to Global Language Training for improving my teaching skills. Now, I can be a better teacher.
Posted By:Jair Antonio Filho
I found the course intuitive, well informed and manageable. Some of the questions struck me more of matters of opinion than baser fact, but the majority had the variety and nuance to be meaningful in teaching me the ways of the mentor. Cheers for this.
Posted By:Bradley Keller
This course was better than my PGCE because it made me think about grammar from a students perspective, I also found the suggestions for activities very helpful.
Posted By:Nicola Matthews
I took a 150 hour TEFL course and it exceeded all my expectations. The study materials are compiled in an informative, challenging and user friendly way. Thanks to the program, now I am able to design lessons that are more enjoyable and interactive for the students. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge in teaching ESL and EFL.
Posted By:Kateryna Mehela
This is my second certificate I did with Global TEFL and it has opened up many doors for me. The content of the courses is great and the tutors are always there to help.
Posted By:Michelle .
This course was great. I am very glad I decided to take it.
Posted By:Alina Deacu
I found the Global TEFL course very informative and interesting.
Posted By:Aayesha Khan
I enjoyed it a lot. Great platform.
Posted By:Raees Rahim
Great support and helpful staff. I learned a great deal in this online course.
Posted By:Chris Elfering
Very good course. Great service. Thank you for the opportunities.
Posted By:Kirsten Kohler
I learned a lot from this course that I will definitely put to use in the classroom. I would absolutely recommend this course to my fellow educators.
Posted By:Craig Gellerman
Global TEFL has been very helpful and taught me a lot. I have now been able to secure a teaching position in China.
Posted By:Tamara Paulse
I found the tasks well laid out. The information provided was accurate and easily accessible.
Overall I enjoyed myself.

Thank you.
Posted By:Kellan Campbell
Awesome educational materials.
Posted By:Lisa Norwood
It was a comprehensive course about the concept of teaching for both adults and young learners, which I totally appreciate. Learning these things was very essential to me, and I took it sincerely. Thank you very much for providing me this course, Global TEFL.
Posted By:Nec Pepito
This course gave me a lot of insight into teaching. I remember thinking, how hard can it be? Well, the materials are not hard, but they are certainly interesting. It is not about how good your knowledge of the English language is, but about your abilities to bring it across to others. Thanks, Global.
Posted By:Stef van Schijndel
High quality and convenient course.
Posted By:Jenny Cheng
This course has been invaluable. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice. Thank you for these opportunities.
Posted By:Michael Reyneker
This has been an unforgettable journey. Thank you Global Language training
Posted By:Belinda Labuschagne
This was a lovely course to take which enabled me to finish it at a time that suited me. It was informative and has really prepared me for teaching in china.

Posted By:lalin jayawardena
I have really benefited from taking this course. It has opened up so many doors for me. I now feel confident in myself as a teacher.
Posted By:Camila Swift
Pretty good preparation materials that will familiarize you with the essentials of what you need to know in terms of basic lesson planning, classroom management and a broad overview of the world of ESL.
Posted By:Ashley Hendrickse
The course was very easy to follow and the trainer assigned was very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
Posted By:Jana Knudson Wood
Excellent course.
This Teaching Online - Foundation Course guided me to learn more about the ongoing trend and benefits of eLearning and teaching online for both teachers and students. With the blended learning methods, it introduces how to use new ways and interactive web tools to communicate in online instruction. Those materials and tips are very supportive to let me step on the way to my future using electronic materials for teaching purposes.
Posted By:JIA-YI LEE
I find your courses very informative, interesting and useful. Quizzes and final exam are well organized.
Posted By:Vladica Barjaktarovic
Great experience and hassle free. This is definitely going to benefit me in the future.
Posted By:Marc Stone
A well balanced and easy to follow course
Posted By:Patrick Carmody
Global Tefl offers great,concise courses,which is why I would recommend you to others. Thanks
Posted By:Rebekah Lall
I took the 150 hour course which was really great and I felt like I learned many useful things.
Posted By:Raphael Derungs
I was able to reflect on the skills I need to acquire as a future EFL or ESL teacher in this course as well as learn information that I will use in my teaching. I learned how to properly construct a lesson plan and that is a skill I will most certainly be using the most going forward. This was a great course.
Posted By:Aida Elawad
Global TEFL has been incredibly valuable in providing me the necessary foundation to be able to teach English. The content was engaging, well structured and easy to follow which really enhanced the learning experience.
Posted By:Storm Hilliar
very helpful online program. I enjoyed having feedback from my trainer.
Posted By:Nicole Schweitzer
It is an amazing course, I have enjoyed it a lot.
Posted By:Nasser Algamasy
Great experience and information
Posted By:Rachelle Perez
Very clear and direct to the point.
Posted By:Ehap Alahmead
I really enjoyed the course. It was well laid out and easy to follow.
Posted By:Catherine Forrest
Very helpful and easy to get in contact with.
Posted By:Matteo Giliotti
This course was amazing and it helped me so much. Best decision I made doing this course.
Posted By:Shannon Pearson
This is better than college where I studied to be a professional. I love how practical are the materials. I will keep reading again and again. Thank you Global Language
Posted By:Randy Monsanto
This course helped me so much and increased my knowledge base.
Posted By:Julie Lyman
I really enjoyed studying for my TEFL with you guys. I learned so much valuable information I am thankful that I found you guys.
Posted By:alicia frias
The course is well put together and takes into account a variety of subjects that are related to teaching in general.

The links supplied in each part of the course related to each module are also useful in giving anyone doing the course comprehensive information.

The course is undoubtedly invaluable for any teacher looking to increase their teaching knowledge. It is comprehensive and informative and thus a fantastic advantage to anyone who plans to teach English abroad.
Posted By:Hanyani Maroleni
It was very informative and the activities were great and thorough.
Posted By:Rachelle Perez
This was a surprisingly comprehensive course, covering every possible aspect of teaching. I had a lot of teaching experience prior to doing this course, and this course both confirmed what I was doing, as well as show me some other ways. I highly recommend this course
Posted By:Dominick Cordasco
I think Global TEFL has given lots of information that is very much useful. I like the way it was laid out and the forums were a great idea as well.
Posted By:Rachelle Perez
The course was a great reference to learn the basics. Very good job with the flow of materials.
Posted By:Otis Roberts
It was a pleasure to learn from Global TEFL. I learned so much.
Posted By:Julie Lyman
Much more than I expected. Extremely effective, efficient, exciting and above all useful language learning experience. I would especially like to emphasize the professionalism, dedication, quick responses and creative guidelines of my trainer Sid.
Posted By:Nina Valentić
Fantastic course with very professional trainers and admin. I'd recommend it to anybody.
Posted By:Stuart Kelly
Thoroughly enjoyed your course, very clear and comprehensive. Sid my trainer was super as well and responded so timeously every time I wrote as well as giving such good advice.
Posted By:Vivienne Noble
Great course. Really enjoyed it.
Posted By:Katherine Moore
Very interesting course. Throughly enjoyed it.
Posted By:Katherine Moore
Loved this course.
Posted By:Sarah Bulloch
Excellent Course.
Posted By:Adeline Jairus
Found it easy to work with , not too complicated
Posted By:Adrianne Harrison
The course was easy enough to follow with clear and precise instructions.
Posted By:Steve Porter
I learned so many things that I am using now in my classroom. The course was complete and easy to follow.
Posted By:Laura Soto
My experience was excellent. The class is very informative and I learned so much.
Posted By:Jessica Thompson
This has been a great experience.

Thank you
Posted By:Unopa Shumba
Easy to navigate. Very impressed with the course. Would recommend.
Posted By:Oyesunmisola Adejumo
The course had given me the privilege to gain the knowledge I need to succeed as TEYL teacher.
Posted By:Carl Cesar Dela Vina
I am very pleased with the knowledge that I gained from the course.
Posted By:Carl Cesar Dela Vina
Your system is excellent, and it gives us the opportunity to update our traditional way of approaching our students. I also learned a few fun techniques, and I have started using them with my students as I went along with the course. Thank you very much to all of you.
Posted By:Alexis Rodriguez
Modules are well organized and easy to complete from anywhere, even on your phone
Posted By:Elizabeth Cannon
The course was very interesting, I could learn a lot about teaching. Thank you so much for all your help.
I have really enjoyed this course. I have learnt so much and I would, and already have, recommend it to anyone. Thank you
Posted By:Melany Marshall
I enjoyed the learning journey so much due to all the modules are so well-designed and organised. I have learnt a lot and I look forward to continuing my teaching career with all the knowledge and skills, that I have acquired from TEFL course. Thank you!
Posted By:Arshak Mkhitaryan
I am very satisfied on the quality of education that you had provided in my 60 days of taking up TEYL.The courses had given the complete knowledge and skills to teach young learners with confidence and enthusiasm. I would recommended to my friends and relatives the courses that you had offered.
Posted By:Carl Cesar Dela Vina
First of all I found your website easy to use and responsive. Also, I am very grateful for your services, and the opportunity this creates. A TEFL certificate is always something employers look for, so being able to get one this quickly and efficiently through Global TEFL is very helpful.
Posted By:Aleksandar Dmitrov
I found Global TEFLs 150hour Master Course to be very thorough. Much information is packed in to each lesson, including exercises and videos that add extra work for understanding the subject matter. Recommended.
Posted By:Ned Farrell
The course materials were very detailed and relevant starting of with grammar which a lot of would have forgotten even as a native speaker is excellent and then moving forward to the practicalities of teaching English and classroom management and lesson planning is a good way of rounding the core fundamentals of teaching English as a foreign language.
Posted By:Lois Afriyie
Excellent course. Quite straight forward. Not difficult to follow and contains more than sufficient information to tackle any Business English Teaching position. Truly enjoyed for the IELTS
Posted By:Alistair Ross
The best TEFL course yet.
Posted By:Lewis Currie
Very concise and positive studying material. Self study questions and forums were extremely helpful to my learning process. I look forward to possibly upgrading in the future.
Posted By:Ryan Curran
Good online program. Real live trainer included.
Posted By:John Murphree
Great course, straight to the point and easy to navigate. I have learned a lot.
Posted By:Lynette Irizarry
The learning was effective being that I had no teaching experience of knowledge, however the company gave me practical training and that gave me the extra push
Posted By:Lee-Ann Inniss
Really useful to be able to get my TEFL certificate online whilst I am abroad
Posted By:Oliver Pollard
Amazing course, great content. Would highly recommend.
Posted By:Andrew Gamble
I found the staff to be friendly and very supportive.
Posted By:Shereen Abrahamse
The course was useful in developing my skills
Posted By:Mark Murphy
Very helpful course. I have asked everyone I know to sign up.
Posted By:Ashkelon Govender
The course was very informative. I greatly enjoyed the information and would absolutely recommend the course to anyone looking to get their TEFL certification.
Posted By:Andrew Gamble
Awesome reading materials, videos, and exam. Thoroughly enjoyed
Posted By:Susanna Shofstahl
The course was concise and to the point.
I like when I learn something new that I can use in my everyday work.
Posted By:Rade Kuzmanović
Great course with plenty of assistance when needed
Posted By:abir mohamad
Global TEFL was amazing in presenting a clear and concise way of obtaining an EFL certificate. The coursework was thorough, enjoyable, and varied with videos, external links, and projects. I enjoyed every minute of the process. Thank you
Posted By:Susanna Shofstahl
Global TEFL provided great resources alongside their course content.Administration responded quickly and helpfully to all questions.
Posted By:Megan Saunders
Global TEFL is a thorough course with loads of academic information and practical tools for those who wish to teach TEFL, TESL, BE etc.
I appreciate the support and help received from the personnel.
Thank you for the privilege to follow this course online.
Posted By:Elmien Viljoen
Great place to learn how to become an effective teacher. The content of this course was truly practical and honest. I loved it.
Posted By:Kengi Betanzos Ruiz
This course was very informative. I especially enjoyed the interactive portions with the forums.
Posted By:Kaylah Dickens
I truly enjoyed this learning platform.
Posted By:Lynn Govender
This is very helpful material and training
Posted By:Sandra Liu
In my opinion, talking the Global TEFL course was an amazing experience. The fact that I was able to study at my own pace helped me learn and understand the information much better. The trainer was fantastic, she always responded promptly and assited me with any inquires I had. I can’t wait to get out and experience what I learned in the real world. The knowledge I learned in this course is very helpful and benificial in a hands on environment. Thank you for preparing me for the next step Global TEFL
Posted By:Leena Hachem
This class gave me some great tips and ideas for me to use with my large class. A few I knew and a few I forgot I could do. What great reminders of strategies.
Posted By:Sarah Fisbeck
I enjoyed the course and will recommend it to others. We are never to old to learn new things.
I am really pleased that i finished it with good results. My trainer Johanna was a great help.
Lynette Dos Santos
Posted By:Lynette Dos Santos
The entire course is impeccably presented. All methodologies and literature is exquisitely formulated and makes it extremely useful to each and everyone on this selfsame journey I experience.
I have learned more than I would ever be able to thank you for and will most definitely make use of ALL material for reference in the future
Posted By:Arthur Venter
It was a very interesting course
Posted By:Johan van Zyl
Very professional and well organised course and trainers. I will recommend Globaltefl to anyone who wants to do a TEFL course.
Posted By:Ghavin Smith
Excellent course, well set out and well presented. It was an enjoyable experience and gave me an excellent grounding in teaching English to my students.
Posted By:Anthony Dunn
An excellent experience doing the online course. I found the course to be thorough and detailed offering one the full confidence to step into a classroom and succeed . The online support was effective and helpful. Would recommend the course to anyone who wants to take their teaching career to a different level or different country.
Posted By:Waheeda Dendar
Global TEFL has a comprehensive and challenging course with great support. Thanks
Posted By:Elizabeth Russell
I think with the Business English Course from Global Language Training many doors will be opened for me in this world of globalisation.
Posted By:Messan Agonglovi
A very well structured and informative course that will definitely prove useful to future and already experienced teachers.
Posted By:Ioanna Sachinian
This online learning experience has been nothing short amazing. Thanks to my trainer Sid for always being efficient when responding to emails. I´ve had no issues with the website or links. So overall it´s 5 stars for the Global TEFL experience.
Posted By:Chatal Kleinhans
An excellent, thorough resource. Well planned and laid out. Clear and logical. A wealth of information and help from varying sources. Definitely recommended.
Posted By:Patrick Thorp
I learnt a lot from this course and I believe it will certainly help me to be a better teacher.
Posted By:Oduola Taye Teslim
The content was extremely helpful as it provided my with model lesson plans and activities.
Posted By:Jack Ryan
I really enjoyed this training. I feel like it has given me a holistic understanding of how to teaching English as a foreign language. I am excited about the opportunity to work with students in the coming months and years.
Posted By:Brent Westergren
Excellent. I learned a lot from it. I had to work quickly but the course allowed you to do as much reading around as was necessary and give you pointers for future reading. The forums are a great idea, see who is on the same journey. My trainer was excellent and provided good, clear instruction before the assignment and afterward. Very happy, will continue another course soon. Thank you.
Posted By:Andrew Gibbs
Some interesting teaching tips on videos and information on PDFs
Posted By:Carmen Nuevo Blázquez
Well worth doing. It has definitely helped me a lot.
Posted By:Dragica Roy
The inclusion of the grammar module really sets this course apart from other courses I have encountered. I will definitely be applying a lot of what I learnt in this course in my teaching.
Posted By:Kevin Murphy
Excellent course. I was very pleased with the information given and how easy the online system worked. Thank you so much.
Posted By:Megan Rose
The course was enjoyable. I feel confident that it will assist me greatly going forward.
Posted By:Kaitlyn Crain
Nothing more you could ask for. A plus.
Posted By:Jake Owen
What words can explain my feelings that I could do the course and my situation was not able to get my self enrolled. Thanks for the Global TEFL managment. Their scholarship got me to feel that there is some hope in life. It is not all about finance. It is about education. It is much different to many other companies. Big huge thanks for the management for the director and for every employee run such awesome Academy. It is a real academy of which I could feel the care, the experts made it different. Thanks for All.
Posted By:Mustafa Kenj
The course was very informative and answered a lot of questions I had about what I would encounter whilst teaching. Video sections gave real insight and were a great example of how to interact with students. Overall, I am happy with the program.
Posted By:Therese Branch
The TEFL School of choice and the best decision made.
Thank You Global TEFL for your patience, kindness and understanding.
Posted By:Estina Dawood
Very intuitive and concise.
Posted By:Calum Mackenzie
This course was very informative, gave me not just great background knowledge in regards to language and teaching but also methods and tips on how to plan and manage a classroom. This emphasis will be really important in the future. Lastly the personal support from my trainer was great and gave me all the help I needed to successfully complete the course.
Posted By:Krishan Smith
Global TEFL offers an excellent TEFL Course that is easy to follow and understand
Posted By:Christine Fritzke
I have really enjoyed my TEFL course, I found it very comprehensive and informative. Thank you for all the hard work put into the course information, and all the resources given to make a teaching career a success. Thank you GlobalTEFL
Posted By:Jessica Viljoen
Excellent Course which was thoroughly enjoyed.
Posted By:Christos Karameros
Great online course and really interesting. Feedback from my trainer was quick and friendly. Highly recommended.
Posted By:Rachel Soron
I really liked it, it was very informative and useful. Thank you.
Posted By:Lueles Zarisheva
I found the modules to be really well structured and set out, with a great mixture of example activities, videos and forums. I have recommended the course to others, with the hope that they will enjoy the course and find it to be a joy.

The way that the course was presented kept me focused and allowed for easy learning and motivation.
Posted By:Liam Higgins
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The material is presented very well and is easy to follow through. I’m looking forward to implementing everything I’ve learnt in my lessons!
Posted By:Siddiqa Iqbal
Really enjoyed the course, learned a lot about the content.
Posted By:Iwan Rossouw
Global TEFL is a great resource to learn how to teach english, it is a very professional course, the trainers are friendly and the course is jam packed with great insights into the learning process. I am so glad that I completed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to teach english.
Posted By:Christopher Roberts
Enjoyable and very useful course.
Posted By:Luzé Crause
Easy to use interface, easy to understand information for beginners, and easy to interact with staff.
Posted By:Jordan Brizendine
I really enjoyed this course, it is well structured and easy to follow.
Posted By:Devon Watts
Easy, nice, fun. Full of useful video, information and ideas for activities.
Posted By:Anna Popowska
A very helpful and easy to follow course
Posted By:Caitlin McLean
I highly recommend Global TEFL.
Posted By:Stephanie Scott
It seemed rather informative, and I liked the videos throughout the course.
Posted By:Matthew Szeremeta
This was an excellent course that explained everything thoroughly, understandably, and practically, and gave me confidence and skills and plenty of good advice for how to succeed as teacher of English as a foreign language. Five stars and well done, Global TEFL.
Posted By:Malina Workman
I loved how organised the layout is on the website, the friendly and helpful email responses from all the staff.
Posted By:Hannah Bray
The course is fair and can be done quickly. I did really enjoy the forums and reading some fellow TEFLs responses.
Posted By:Sarah Heldreth
I found the modules well divided and sectioned with short and precise definitions that helped me build my understanding.
Posted By:Gareth Davies
It was an interesting class.
Posted By:Afsana Oreen
Excellent course with great walk throughs and explanations of how to teach english
Posted By:Lewis Jones
Good, and great customer service.
Posted By:Ola Wiklund
I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend to others.
Posted By:Tracy-lee Portnoi
I enjoyed the course very much and I am now looking forward to put my newly acquired knowledge to practice.
Posted By:Riette Gonsior
I was very impressed with the course and thankful for the opportunity to participate. I now look forward to putting my newly acquired knowledge into practice.
Posted By:Riette Gonsior
The course was easy to follow and interesting.
Posted By:Kylie Shannon
Very comprehensive, yet easy to navigate and use. Each module was clearly laid out and provided me with an exposition of knowledge and skills that I now feel have prepared me in the most constructive way possible to teach in the classroom.
Posted By:Calum Mackenzie
Very informative. Thank you.
Posted By:Luke Hartley
The course is very extensive and covers a lot of material, it definitely will take some time to complete. It uses video as well which was very useful to see how real classes are managed with young learners and adults. The quizzes in each module help to reinforce what has been learned. Great course, thanks.
Posted By:Maria Raso
Global TEFL did a wonderful job explaining the different options available to future teachers.
Posted By:Alicia Fortin
IF I knew then what I know now I would have studied a lot earlier.
GLOBAL has made not only the experience enjoyable but enriching with relevant and class room ready planning, I am delighted with the course and will be booking to teaching English in Vietnam in September 2017. Thank you to Global, I feel confident and prepared.
Posted By:Cindy Lederle
A well laid out, easy to use system that allows you to set your own pace and covers everything you need to learn. I am very impressed by this course.
Posted By:Philippa White
It was a good intro to teaching ESL.
Posted By:Jena Wiebe
I found the course very informative and interactive. I appreciated the use of videos along with the reading.
Posted By:Kirsten Kidwell
It is a very good channel for international student to learn English with online learning platform. It is very useful and convenient.
Posted By:Pattraporn Naovaratthanakorn
The global TEFL is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to start an education career, I highly recommend it.
Posted By:Karla Bejarano
I have enjoyed completing this online course, which is informative on the basic grounds of learning how to Teach English for learners. I have had very good teachers who have been attentive in responding to my queries, which motivated me to complete.
Posted By:Yagmur Yapici
I really enjoyed this course, it is well put together and very user friendly.
Posted By:Devon Watts
I really enjoyed this course. As a native English speaker I took for granted just how much work actually goes into trying to speak English, so it was really interesting how it all ties together, the rules we use even when we dont know we are using them. Interesting indeed.
Posted By:Samantha Sardien
I had such a great time doing this course. I learned so much and it was quite the challenge. Totally worth it....
Posted By:Claudine Roux
Thank you for helping me spread my wings and helping a me achieve my first steps into building my future. A wonderful course with help every step of the way.
It is the one of the best online courses I have taken. I encountered no technical issues and received help from my trainer in a timely manner.
Posted By:Lindsay Brunson
Even though I was working a lot and I am till right now. I found the workload and information great. The trainer was also very helpful when I misunderstood the assignment.
Posted By:Alissia Vitale
User friendly and the staff were very helpful
Posted By:Michelle Greeff
I learned so much from this course and I will now be confident to teach and manage a classroom.
Posted By:Magdalena Smit
Really enlightening course with a great trainer
Posted By:Jonathan Portnoi
Very informative course with useful resources which will be used in my teaching career.

Extremely supportive tutor
Posted By:Faye Boardman
Reliable, affordable, worth every penny, efficient.
Posted By:Shafiqa Iqbal
Global TEFL provided a very useful, knowledgeable and insightful course and I will definitely be making use of the skills I have learned.
Posted By:Sinead Sanan
It was a great course and immediately applicable.
Posted By:Alicia Gourlay
Although the course is rather short and a little basic in places it certainly offers some insight into the needs and requirements of a TEFL teacher.

I know more about TEFL now for having completed this course.
Posted By:Eliot Rawsthorne
Global TEFL is a very convenient platform from which people can benefit to a great extent. The tutors are extremely helpful and motivating and the prices of the courses are fairly reasonable and worth every penny.
Posted By:Shafiqa Iqbal
I enjoyed this class and especially how the quizzes were frequent and short as is recommended in teaching ESL.
Posted By:Roberta Garrett
Great course, it is clear, and very fun to learn. I highly recommend it.
Posted By:Michael Dines
The course that I enrolled in Global Language Training is very informative, useful and comprehensive. It contains all the necessary information needed as an English teacher. Highly recommended
Posted By:Vusal Guliyev
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has been very understandable with extensive instructions to ensure that you do not get lost along the way. My trainer also offered me a lot of help and made the journey of receiving my TEFL certificate much smoother.
Posted By:Sarah van der Spuy
I found the course easy to comprehend with helpful video presentations and reference to websites for future teaching and learning exercises. I finished the course within six days due to the fact that I am unemployed.
Posted By:Karlene Gabbidon
The modules are explained well and provide a great basis for TEFL teaching. Very easy to use and accessible site.
Posted By:Hannah Ford
The TEFL course was very informative and has helped me into understanding what I will be getting myself into as a TEFL teacher
Posted By:Adrian Bailey
I found this course to not only be very informative, but also very fun and engaging. I now feel well equipped with the knowledge needed to start my English teaching adventure.
Posted By:Shane Copeland
The course was very well planned out and I enjoyed learning through this course very much ! Thank you very much
Posted By:Sinae Alberts
It was absolutely useful. I am sure that both experienced teachers and those, who are just starting the career will find it great
Posted By:Svetlana Gerasimets
It was a very good and full of new information for me. Thanks so much.
Posted By:Lana Ahmed
Great ideas, resources and helpful information for teaching
Posted By:Jessica Hunt
Global TEFL is an excellent course for anyone who wants to pursue a career in EFL or ESL education.
Thank you
Posted By:Martin Charette
An interesting and in depth learning experience that has boosted my confidence entirely.
Posted By:Amy Hall
The course is very informative, useful and comprehensive. It contains all the necessary information needed as an English teacher. Everyone will learn different theories and practices from the reading materials, videos, exercises and quizzes provided. The navigation page is very accessible and convenient to use. All in all, I like the course contents very much! I definitely recommend this course from Global TEFL for all non-experienced to experienced English teacher.
Posted By:Kseniia Totolina
Course was well designed and allowed me to complete it at my own pace.
Posted By:robert toyoda
I think that this course is very useful and you can learn a lot from it, how to teach children. I am very satisfied with knowledge that i got from this course.
Posted By:Mladen Samardzic
The course was interesting and covered many of the main TEFL topics from other courses.
Posted By:Janette Anahi
This is my second course by Global TEFL and the materials and support just get better and better. I have learned so much that I cannot wait to put into practice with the assistance of their job placement team.
Posted By:Kate Mackenney
This course allowed me to build my confidence with lesson planning and teaching different age groups. It is important to know how to properly formulate lesson plans and work with a large group of children.
Posted By:Alexis Guay
Although I have been an EFL teacher for many years, I learned a lot of new information throughout my 150 hour course at Global TEFL. This course was extremely beneficial and my trainer was very helpful. I sincerely believe that this course has made me a better teacher. Thank you, Global TEFL.
Posted By:Robert Parra Coulter
I found the process very easy to understand and a good course overall.
Posted By:Patrick McKeon
Global TEFL is a great way to get a teaching certificate. Everything is available to the student so that they can work on their own time and at their own pace. It is simple and easy to use the website and the modules and all the lessons are condensed to the important things.
Posted By:Karol Suen
I am an experienced teacher, but I felt I was becoming monotonous and most likely boring in class. I am so grateful to Global TEFL because it was a breath of fresh air for me. Here I have found lots of valuable resources, many of them are really fun. I have saved all the links. I am fully armed now and I am ready to take action.
Posted By:Olena Dunets
Had a great experience with Global TEFL. Their 150 hours TEFL course is really easy to understand and helpful.
Posted By:Manon Luret
It was really interesting for me to go through this course because everything is more or less related to my study area. I like working with kids and learning about kids. I learned a lot of new things and teaching tricks and I am sure this is going to help me to make my teaching better and fun. Videos I found here are really good and useful resources.
Posted By:Milica Stevanović
A very enjoyable and informative course.
Posted By:Leon Millar
I really enjoyed this course. The information is concise, the website is easy to use and the staff is very helpful.
Posted By:Emily Blair
I enjoyed the course and I feel it was both practical and informative in preparing me to teach english as a foreign language in the future.
Posted By:Ian Wallington
Excellent assistance from my trainer and quick response. Loved the course and I learned a lot. Awesome course, I would recommend this to anyone around the world.
Posted By:Cardin Cloete
The employees are very polite and always eager to help, and the courses are good and comprehensive.
Posted By:Zoran Gorgiev
High quality company. Well done
Posted By:Redžep Demić
Really nice portal, which is convenient to use. Great balance of activities.
Posted By:Brodie Edwards
The course is comprehensive and extremely helpful. I highly recommend it.
Posted By:Tamara Anguiano
The course was incredibly helpful for me and was full of interesting ways to combat the IELTS exams.
Posted By:Thaiba Hussain
I really enjoyed the 120 hour online TEFL course provided by Global TEFL. I found the information and resources provided both practical and useful. I particularly enjoyed the Lesson Plan assignment in Module 2. My trainer and all other members of staff were helpful and responded very quickly to my queries
Posted By:Emily Beckwith
I really enjoyed completing the 150 Hour Master Course with Global TEFL. I found that the course was well structured and covered many important topics. My trainer was very helpful and responded to my emails in a timely manner. I enjoyed having a short quiz at the end of each module as it helped me revise and test myself.
Posted By:Alicia Scheepers
This course provided me with the opportunity to learn more about teaching young learners and to use the best methods to help them with the aquiring new language
Posted By:Biljana Cicvaric
This Online TEFL course was very formal and formative. It has really opened my eyes and taught me new things I didn't know before that will be very useful in the classroom.
Posted By:Charlie Bray
This course was excellent. I already have a PGCE but feel that I still learned a great deal. The resources provided were exceptionally helpful and the support from the trainer were invaluable. A great course that I would recommend to anyone wanting to teach English abroad.
Posted By:Kate Mackenney
It was an extremely helpful and satisfying experience
Posted By:Maria Veter
My experience with Global TEFL has been amazing.
The course content is superb and the support is really fantastic.
Posted By:Jocelyn Potgieter
What a wonderful course.I feel better equipped as a first time teacher. The content is thorough and very very useful. Thank you
Posted By:Vuyelwa Maluleke
This has been a very interesting course where I received a lot of support and guidance.

Highly recommend this course.
Posted By:Sunitha Ramlagan
I love the TEYL course.
Posted By:Hsing Lin
Global TEFL provides the users with great education and insight into the intricacies of English language teaching. Good cooperation and timely correspondence. My recommendations.
Posted By:Djordje Bogdanovic
Global TEFL is a fantastic training website. I researched online training websites for a long time until I decided on this one based on a blog I read from a teacher and world traveler. I have been using my degree to advance in my career for a while now. The things I have learned gave me the confidence to walk into job interviews and just get the job. I have not been turned down ever since.
Posted By:Camila Swift
Good content. Interesting. Good communication. Quick response. Replies were prompt. Thank you.
Posted By:Jennifer Smith
Thanks so much Global TEFL for all your most valuable English language teaching tips I have learnt during my course. I found the courses very dynamic and of a high standard. Thanks for the great job.
Posted By:Hibrework Ejigu
This has been a great educational experience. I learned some new ideas about teaching. I would recommend this course to anyone.
Posted By:jeff Serkin
Easy to learn, great format for learning. Simple and straightforward. Would highly recommend this course
Posted By:Evan Duncan
I found all the lessons very useful and appealing. Also I think that I can use this experience in my current job, and furthermore in my carrier.
The lessons had a constancy and were well organized. There were explicit examples, about exercises, activities etc. The lesson plans shown for each language skill are of a great use, in order to learn how to form them by our self.
Posted By:Fatmire Ismaili
Global Tefl is a quality learning institution which provides its users with competent english knowledge. I would recommend it to many people who want to teach abroad.
Good price, self paced and good tests to check knowledge.
This course was fantastic. The trainer was very helpful and all the information I could need was here. 5 stars would recommend.
Posted By:Kevin Fagan
It was an honour doing my TEFL course through Global TEFL, the trainers are extremely helpful and friendly. The course was not too easy nor did I find it difficult. I found the forums were a great way to get help from other students of Global TEFL.
Posted By:Abigail Wittstock
Global Tefl has taught me a lot when it comes to teaching. It is a quality online teaching institution which I would recommend to friends who want to teach abroad.
I am already an experienced secondary teacher,and I have done many courses in the past but this course is really terrific, it is so thorough and practical , I am very impressed by it.
Posted By:Caroline Docherty
It was an educational experience. The course really offers useful information about proper English generally.
Posted By:Brent Oberfield
Global TEFL is very well organized,designed and really explained concisely. Videos help a lot to understand the way to teach very young learners.I appreciate all the useful links given by Global TEFL . I am grateful to all the team.
Best regards,
Marie Odile CLOUET
Posted By:Marie-Odile CLOUET
I really enjoyed this course and found my trainer to be very helpful.
Posted By:Daena van Jaarsveld
It is a great way to learn how to work with kids
Posted By:Tina Belec
The course was well structured and easy to understand. The material will be very useful when teaching English in a classroom.
Posted By:Ielhaam Brooks
Excellent course material. This course is something that every new teacher should take.
Posted By:Radivoj Radulovic
I have very much enjoyed this course and believe that I will be able to put a lot of its methodology and teaching strategies to good work in my teaching. It was very good value for money too. I would definetely suggest without reservation to all uncertified prospective teachers that they consider taking GLTs online TEFL course.
Posted By:Joshua Simons
Great course with easy to follow material and some really great ideas that I will put into practice with my teaching. Thank you.
Posted By:Dawn McGowan
I liked the organization of the modules. And I got good feedback on my lesson plan
Posted By:Hannah Cho
The global TEFL online course has been wonderful to work with. It is easily understandable and explains everything you need to know very thoroughly. I learned a lot during this course and it definitely expanded my knowledge of the English language. My trainer is very nice and helpful. I would recommend using Global TEFL to anyone I know.
Posted By:Melissa Jansen van Vuuren
This is a great and very well written course. All TESOL or TEFL program should have this.
Thank you so much.
Posted By:Herbert Faria
I just completed the 150 Hours Global TEFL Course and learnt so much more than I expected. The course is brilliantly structured, with lots of support material and great trainer support. It's great for inexperienced teachers like me, I came here not knowing much about teaching and now I have the confidence and the tools to go stand in-front of students in a classroom. I am very excited about my teaching journey, thank you guys at Global TEFL.
Posted By:Shiwe Gwele
In my opinion Global TEFL is very professional and well organised. Any issues or queries were addressed promptly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Global TEFL and would highly recommend it.
Posted By:Emily Pells
I really liked the Global TEFL course because I felt like it was very comprehensive, and extremely convenient. Because it was completely online, I appreciated that it tracked my progress and I was able to even work on the course readings from remote computers, and at one point even on my cell phone while I was on a flight.
Posted By:Stephanie Wottrich
I think Global TEFL is an excellent platform for Language Training. Although I already have perfect skills in teaching English, this was a great refreshment and practice for me. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Posted By:Irina Stamenkovska
Global TEFL has helped me prepare for teaching English to students and gave me the necessary tools I need to succeed. Thank you
Posted By:Beyth-Shan Yodhhewawhe
I learned so much through this Global TEFL class. I am applying to teach at a school in Beijing and I feel confident teaching my mock class now. The TELF Certification is also something that they look for, so I am pleased to have been able to take this course online. My experience was fabulous, if you are trying to decide whether or not to enroll, do it, you will not be disappointed.
Posted By:Bethenna Click
It was great that it worked on schedule, and that I always had help and could use extra resources.
Posted By:Frederika Walker
I found the course very helpful. The trainer provided detailed feedback in a timely fashion. Thank you.
Posted By:Heather Johnstone
Excellent and easy to work with learning platform, everything from content to trainer assistance was brilliant.
Posted By:Byron Gau
This was a good course to refresh my knowledge and to upgrade my certificate from 60 hours to 120 hours. The response time from the team was quick and they fully answered any questions I had.
Posted By:Deena Kocyigit
Great course, great support from the trainers. I made the right choice.
Posted By:Joan Hernandez
What a useful online course. I would most definitely suggest any of my friends and family to use GLOBAL when anyone needs to obtain their TEFL. What a pleasure.
Posted By:Odette Booysen
The courses are comprehensive and informative while being accessible and easy to follow, even after long breaks between sections. Definitely a good deal for the price.
Posted By:Jordan Brizendine
Great learning material, very easy to understand with clear explanations and good examples. Best regards.
Posted By:Zorica Zdravkovic
The Global TEFL gave me adequate knowledge required to help others learn. For this, I am thankful to them.
Posted By:David Suvajdzic
I really enjoyed this course. Thank you for structuring it so thoughtfully and making learning easy and enjoyable.
Posted By:Nqobile Simelane
It was my pleasure to be a part of this teaching pllatform and I cannot wait to start teaching English with TEFL certificate. Thank you very much.
Posted By:Ivan Dzolic
The trainers were very helpful and the course was challenging and stimulating. I enjoyed it very much.
Posted By:Rudi Killian
Great, I feel that I learned a lot from this course, particularly about lesson planning. Tutor emails were very helpful.
Posted By:Lee Watkins
Excellent way to learn a new subject. I am confident that I will be able to give my best now at teaching English in Vietnam
Posted By:Jarred Voorneveld
I am very pleased with my results from this course and the ease at which I could manage my time effectively to complete it Thank you Global TEFL for this informative course
Posted By:Rhamy Knight
I have enjoyed and learned from the course. I am looking forward to taking more courses with you.
Posted By:Donalyn Ignacio
The test was very good. I enjoyed the challenge.
Posted By:Márton Dávid
The course was prepared very well. The trainer always gave prompt replies.
Posted By:Tanya Draganova
The Master TEFL course was very exciting. I've learned a lot of new information that is definitely useful. Thank you for the amazing tips and resources. I'm using them from now on.
Posted By:Armine Oganesyan
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The modules are well organized and useful. I plan to revisit them often and use them as a solid foundation for my future teaching endeavors.
Posted By:Tamara Grubor
Loved everything about the course. It was set up in a user friendly manner and I feel very prepared to begin my teaching career overseas.
Posted By:Christine Gerke
Very nicely organized and easy to navigate. Good job.
Posted By:Miloš Vojnović
This course was easy to navigate and the majority of it was easy to understand and learn.
Posted By:Louisa Clark
Very helpful course to prepare for the classroom. Anyone considering teaching English abroad should do the 120 Hours certificate through Global TEFL.
Posted By:Jeff Dawidowitz
The TEFL course is very helpful. It provides lots of useful information and tips
Posted By:Chih-Pei Lee
This was a great course. Very informative and allowing me to challenge my knowledge.
Posted By:Randy Sitzer
I really enjoyed my TEYL course and learned a lot from the content. I think videos were very helpful with getting a gist of what is a good lesson for young learners and really showed an exceptional teaching methods. I definitely plan to get another course from Global TEFL.
Posted By:Izabela Kwasniewska
You will meet a lot of new techniques throughout the whole course, in each and every module. Lots of useful things to learn.
Posted By:Lazar Hrvat
I enjoyed the course very much, it was informative and thorough.
Posted By:Felicia Pompei
I would like to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. I am looking forward to working with you and your team.
Posted By:Ainur Abikenova
Global TEFL has taught me a lot and all the information is much appreciated.
Posted By:Nadia Ismail
Global TEFL is a very accessible, easy to use platform to learn from. I loved the links to forums and teaching materials. Thank you so much.
Posted By:Aimee Dawson
I attended the TEYL course and it was extremely interesting and useful. I would definitely recommend Global TEFL to everyone who wants to sharpen their teaching skills.
Posted By:Despina Kalogirou
I found it interesting after teaching in England for a number of years.
Posted By:Liam Corby
I attended the TEYL course and it was extremely useful and interesting.Thanks ti it, will definitely improve my teaching techniques.Great experience.
Posted By:Despina Kalogirou
I have really appreciated the structure of and the information in this course. I teach other languages besides English, and I will be able to use quite a lot of the material learned here. Also, because I have a strong academic and professional background in many areas covered in the course material, I am impressed that the information in the course is accurate. I find many professional development experiences to be trite, superficial, or narrowly-focused. Sometimes, the material presented is actually just wrong. No so here, though. A good experience.
Posted By:Andrea Bourne
I loved it. The trainer answered quickly and was able to help me out with instructions before I even asked for them.
Posted By:Jennifer Noriega-Montiel
Everything was excellent
Posted By:Bojan Vidoeski
Global TEFL provides an excellent learning platform. It also teaches all the needed knowledge to be a teacher.
Posted By:Fareez Jackson
The course is simple, easy to comprehend, and very enriching. The best part is that the examples and concepts are highly usable in real time.
Posted By:Jaya Choudhury
I really liked the course; it gave me great ideas for my next semestrer with my students. Great course.
Posted By:Sandrine Lafontant Diaz
I have completed 2 courses and it is quite user friendly and informative.
Posted By:aadielah rahim
The course is very thorough, the videos and extra resources were very helpful. I also liked the forum to submit my own ideas about teaching as well as see what other, sometimes more experienced, teachers thought about teaching.
Posted By:Rachel Adams
The course was structured very well which made it easier to take in important information. The self study sections were also useful in preparing for the fial exam and classroom management assignment.
Posted By:Zandaley Bothma
Excellent course. Very easy to follow. Very interesting. My trainer was extremely helpful as well.
Posted By:Frederick Du Preez
I enjoyed doing the course via Global Language Training. It was well structured with easy to follow instructions to complete the course.
Posted By:Revanidhi Kullan
I really enjoyed this course. I was able to learn at my own pace and take extra time to study the areas I struggled with.
Posted By:Josiah Shipley
The course was very enjoyable and easy to read.
Posted By:Bethany Sanders
The 120 Hour Advanced Course was very educational and I was very well informed on the area of teaching abroad.
Posted By:Emily Zhang
Thanks for the experience.

I found this course very well designed. It is not just a course more, it really opens the door widely to you.

Maressa Ruiz
Posted By:Flor Ruiz Domínguez
This course was great, takes you back to the basics and is very informative. Everything is thoroughly explained. Highly recommend it.
Posted By:Pumulo Mundale
I enjoyed this course and will recommend it to my friends
Posted By:Fayrooz Abrahams
Very easy and comprehensive. Enlightening.
Posted By:Gary Jr.
Global TEFL is amazing. My first online course and I understood everything better than when in varsity. Trainer is amazing. Thank you so much
Posted By:Siyabonga Mduna
I felt the instruction was very practical and useful. The videos gave good simple tips that I can make use of in my classes. Very real, clear and handy techniques that I can employ. Thanks for the course and instruction.
This course was just right in length. I was able to complete the TEYL course in the allowed time. I would highly recommend it
Posted By:Lydia Gray
I am very pleased with this tefl course. I am already currently teaching English abroad and didnt expect to learn much, but this course was full of useful information that I can use in my day to day classes.
Posted By:Adrian Nunie
Global TEFL was challenging, but beneficial in the long run. I learned a lot and suggest these courses to anyone who wants to advance their career.
Posted By:Emily Lynn
I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and I feel well equipped to deal with teaching English as a foreign language in future.
Posted By:Sanette Voges
Loved it. Very informative and trainers are quick to get back you and answer any questions.
Posted By:Jessica Barclay
I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to any friends
Posted By:Thulani Sithole
Global Tefl was fun and easy to do the course
Posted By:Rebecca Anstey
Global TEFL was very helpful in giving me a broad knowledge of teaching and utilizing resources. The quiz at the end of each module was very helpful in preparing for the final exam.
Posted By:Gustav Retief
The references provided are comprehensive. I learned a lot from the course that I took. It is very informative and the knowledge acquired is practical, thus it can be applied in the classroom. Thank you.
Posted By:Claranes Pepito
Global TEFL were very helpful and efficient when any issues arose. Their courses were easy to follow and full of information, and at a great price too.
Posted By:Chloe Smith
This was a great course. I will definitely be looking back at this course as a resource throughout my career. Do not regret this and will be recommending it to my friends.
Posted By:Ben Deleon
Course was simple, informative, and fun. I will definitely be looking back at this course without a doubt
Posted By:Ben Deleon
Global Language training lessons did a great job explaining techniques and the importance of various classroom activities.
Posted By:Alexander Rae
The program was easy to use and the lessons were very helpful and specific. I know this training will help me in real life situations in the classroom and it has already helped me become a better teacher.
Posted By:Zachery Brooks
I am very happy that I enrolled this course. Trainers are very helpful and full of knowledge. Thank you for support and I can recommend Global TEFL to everyone who wants to become teacher.
Posted By:Marko Ilic
It was a good course and easy to study on your own. Online learning can be quite boring sometimes and it is good to have an interactive forum to learn off.
Posted By:Michael Noone
I really appreciated the way all the information is organized and easy to obtain. Great experience.
Posted By:Lydie Oliveira
The course was a lot of fun and I gained so many new skills and opportunities. The admin staff were quick to respond to any issues I encountered and I had an amazing trainer.
Posted By:Zane Richardson
The course was great; it had a lot of content and practice. The trainer replied was fast, and the support was awesome. Thank you!
Posted By:Victor Sookree
It has been such an awesome experience studying through Global TEFL. I have not studied English before but what a pleasure this journey has been. The material was easy enough to relate to because you can picture yourself in a class teaching a group of people. The trainer Johanna was so helpful. A special Thank You to her. I have already influenced so many of my peers to sign up. Global TEFL is a Quality” course I would definitely recommend to all!
Posted By:Adeeb Brooks
My whole experience with Global TEFL is fabulous. Thanks everyone for help and guidance.
Posted By:Marko Ilic
It has been an absolute pleasure to study with Global TEFL. The masters course was superb and so in depth. I feel so ready to jump into the classroom.
Posted By:Lucianne Revell
Global TEFL was a good choice as it helped me to get a better perspective about teaching and ensure that I have all the tools needed to be a good teacher
Posted By:Nicole Kenning
Great course. Helpful trainers and very useful materials.
Posted By:Daniela de Castro
Global TEFL is very informative and helpful in serving as a reference for teaching English.
Posted By:Tarra Dupa
I enjoyed the Global TEFL course. It was a lovely experience.
Posted By:Jackie Talbott
Found it very interesting, so glad I took part in it.
Posted By:Charlotte Melvin
Really informative and enjoyable course.

Information is broken up into manageable sections that allow for efficient study whilst still providing loads of useful tools and material.
Posted By:George Sweeney
This course was really incredible, I was able to get a real feel for teaching right from the comfort of my own laptop. The readings are easy to understand and the quizzes help prepare for the final exam. All in all, a great experience.
Posted By:Samantha Ramos
Global TEFL is an excellent course. It provides a broad overview of educational theories and practical teaching tools to be used in the TEFL classroom. I highly recommend this course.
Posted By:Danelle Green
The courses I have taken with Global TEFL have been very practical and informative. I recommend them.
Posted By:Naomi Conrad
I have learned so much through the course that I did. I am so excited to start my new journey as a TEFL teacher, and I am sure that Gobal TEFL will help me get a job. Thank you so much
Posted By:Angelique Jansen
The course was well structured and easy to follow.
Posted By:Gina Frangs
Really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot. Can not wait to put it into practice now.
Posted By:Candice Cooper
Global TEFL has extended my knowledge and understanding throughout this course.Thank you
Posted By:Nadia Ismail
I really enjoyed this course. I learned so much on how to be a more effective teacher for young learners and I have already started using some of the techniques. Thank you so much Global TEFL for being very informative.
Posted By:Shannon Sprague
Global TEFL is an excellent program filled with an amazing opportunity for learning. It has been an eye opening experience for me. I will always value what I have learned.
Posted By:Kazeny ONeill
This was a very informative course for me. I have learned many tips and trick and found out they work in a real life classroom and work really good. It is excellent to receive some sort of theoretical knowledge and I am sure this has made me a better teacher. Thank you, Global TEFL.
Posted By:Lidija Kostic
This course was very informative and extensive. Lots of great ideas.
My trainer was very helpful. Thank you so much. Global Language Training is well worth the time and the investment.
Posted By:Tinh Mahoney
Very informative and practical course.
Posted By:Georgia Justus
This course taught me very useful tricks when it comes to working with kids. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to become better teacher.
Posted By:Jelena Trumpic
Good Trainers and Good explainations
Posted By:Warren Wilson
I found the course to be very helpful with my current teaching experience here in China and it helped me to look at new ways to keeps my students engaged in my lessons.
Posted By:Alex Donlon
I would recommend this course to all my friends.
Great way of learning.

Posted By:Ryno Prinsloo
It was a great experience and the tips were very useful in euipping me with the tool required to teach English to a variety of audiences
Posted By:Kimson Chan
Thank you for putting all this information together for us. I have to admit, it was more thorough than I expected, but I think that is what makes it a good course. The trainers were very helpful and supportive, providing guidance and solutions every time I needed it. I loved the forums, they were a little place not only to answer to them, but also, to express myself. Thanks a lot.
Posted By:Patricia Yee
Global TEFL was great, it was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I learned a lot about teaching.
Posted By:Carl Lee
I really enjoyed this course. I do believe that it will help me in the near future.
The course is in depth, clear and very real. It shows you classroom lessons and different approaches. Good value too. I am very pleased I chose Global TEFL and I have been recommending it to friends even before completion.
Posted By:Yasmeen Olgar
Found it very easy to study, very helpful.
Posted By:Patricia Gross
Well organized, easy to understand and I have learned so many things that I will use in the future. Thank you.
Posted By:Kristina Milic
Course is very good and useful. Thank you.
Posted By:Dorijan Schmidt
Excellent learning course.
Posted By:Zyn-Neerah Fakeemeeah
The course was informative and comprehensive. Ultimately, I feel much more prepared.
Posted By:kayla sheldon
An interesting and helpful course. Very supportive trainers. Thanks everyone.
Posted By:Volha Prakapenka
Well structured and well organized course. The staff is very kind and professional.
Posted By:Ana Veljkovic
The course was straight forward and easy to follow.
Posted By:Valerie Duri
Comprehensive course that gave me the necessary skills and knowledge needed to teach English.
Posted By:Robert Spilabotte
Global TEFL has offered me a great opportunity to further my teaching career, which I am forever grateful for. This course enabled me to gain a vast amount of insight into the dynamics of how language operates in the classroom and how, I as a teacher, can be a means of educating those in need, via this course.
Posted By:Zyn-Neerah Fakeemeeah
Great learning experience! Very intuitive... Thank you so much!!!
Posted By:Milica Stojnic
Global TEFL was a great course to take for first timers and inexperienced teachers. I learned a lot about different learning styles and writing lesson plans. This course definitely improved my teaching style.
Posted By:Charity Dowers
This was an excellent course. Overall, this course was well-organized, insightful, and engaging. It provided me with all the tools and resources needed to become a more successful instructor. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to teach abroad.
Posted By:Matthew Kogoy
Global TEFL is an institution which carefully plans its courses and with a high mind on applicants to provide them perfect education to become valued members of teaching community around the world. Not a single remark and recommendation to all that want to learn to teach and be valued.
Posted By:Marko Ilic
The modules are formatted very clearly and I believe the course provides lots of helpful material which will come in handy when teaching, I have learned a lot, thank you
Posted By:Carla Salvin
As a native English speaker from America, I can honestly say that Global TEFL has given me all the tools and resources necessary to go out and teach. Heck; they even found me a job!
Posted By:Robert Cash
Excellent! It was very useful for me :)
Posted By:Ana Nesic
Course was very interesting and accessible. You could go back and read the course material and redo test, that was very helpful.
Posted By:Chantel Minaar
It was very informative. A good aid for helping me in the classroom and being able to refer back to the course material during class.
Posted By:Sulene Jackson
Lots of useful and easy to understand material.

Posted By:Pamela Omalley
Very practical course that will enhance my pupils learning experience.
Posted By:Nicholas Blake
Thank you very much, this was great experience and I enjoyed working with you.
Posted By:Milan Tomazovic
I had a great learning experience. PDFs are clear and concise, we had plenty of time for preparation. Additional links and videos are very helpful as they demonstrate the real-life teaching in different level and environment classrooms. Thank you!
Posted By:Milica Stojnic
Good, straightforward introduction to teaching ESL!
Posted By:Anthony Orcutt
My Trainer was very hands on . The course is very insightful and i learnt alot.
Posted By:Kashiefah Dollie
It was great...the exam was straight to the point and the notes were straight to the point and easy
Posted By:Nikeisha Ricketts
The course was efficient as it gives you enough time to complete and to go back where you think you have made mistakes. I also enjoyed it as you can go back and read the information again.
Posted By:Chantel Minaar
I learned a lot for Global TEFL. I will recommend your site to all my friends.
Posted By:Tsitsi Mabasa
Have had such a pleasure doing this online course! Information overload! I feel I am ready to achieve maximum success in this field!
Posted By:Damian Way
Excellent, well produced and detailed course, with a good variation of materials and information!
Posted By:Mark Hartley
Amazing experience! Thank you!
Posted By:Jelena Stevanovic
Course was very relevant and enjoyable. Global TEFL is a great learning platform with excellent training materials. Well laid out and easy to navigate.
Posted By:Michael Saayman
Thank you for the opportunity to familiarize me with the teaching world. I have gained a lot of experience from this online course.
Posted By:geetha govender
Excellent courses will certainly recommend to other educators and tutors!
Posted By:James Towle
Excellent, I will certainty recommend to other educators!
Posted By:James Towle
Really enjoyed the course. The trainers are very kind.

Thank you!
Posted By:Debbie Dupper
I found the TEYL certificate course very helpful for me as a teacher of young pupils! The articles and videos provided throughout the course give excellent ideas and examples of resources and methods for the classroom. I am positive that this course will be useful to me in my future teaching endeavors!
Posted By:Rebecca Smith
Having done the TEFL course through Global TEFL was a great experience and an enriching journey. It truly taught me new approaches, not only to teach English but any other subject. The meaning of learner centered approached and interactive teaching has brought new perspective to my personal approach of teaching. I will always refer to the modules for guidance on my teaching methods and lesson plans. Thank you Global TEFL!
Posted By:Allison Daniels
This program was both accessible and comprehensive. Coming into the program knowing very little about teaching english, I feel I am much more knowledgeable on the subject after taking this course.
Posted By:kayla sheldon
The course is very informative and interesting. I have learned a lot from it and I have really enjoyed taking this course! I will definitely recommend it!
Posted By:Marianna Pieterse
I liked the course very much! I have learned a lot of teaching strategies and methodologies!
Posted By:Margarita Goncharova
Excellent material, concise and very useful.
Posted By:Ivan Boskov
Wonderful course, great correspondence.
Posted By:Nikki Harris
Great experience.

Great content and well-supported learning platform.
Posted By:Julia Sinusia
Well compounded learning resources, excellent organisation of lectures, all on point and very practical both for IELTS specifically as well as for teaching English in general. Bless

Karol Zielinski
Posted By:Karol Zielinski
I was pleased at the flexibility of the program; completing the modules on my own time made it easy to do!
Posted By:Jennifer Perry
I have had a great time doing this course! I feel it has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams, and allow me the opportunity to accomplish my goals which I have set out to do. The service has been fantastic! Thank you GlobalTEFL
Posted By:Damian Way
It has been a good experience and update for me, thank you for the great support!
Posted By:Katriina Hook
Very informative and educational.
Posted By:Stefan Ivic
The course content and trainers are excellent, as well as your technical staff - I would highly recommend this course to my peers.
Posted By:Candy Myburgh
At almost 46 years old, I never expected to take tests again to obtain a certificate but GLOBAL TEFL helped me and support me. I felt confident, strong enough to fight and succeed.
Thanks a lot for everything !!!
Francisco Jose MATIAS
Posted By:Francisco Matias
The course is very well structured with plenty of additional resources if you want to go back and learn a specific part in depth. I found the modules are well spread out and I enjoyed the video links suggested. These are real teachers showing you how it is done and that is a great help to illustrate the theory. It was my first online experience and I really enjoyed the freedom of keeping my own pace. Im very happy I completed this course.
Posted By:Maria Barros
Very happy with this course. The modules were very insightful and the lay outs were both clear and concise. Many thanks!
Posted By:Tova Waage
Global TEFL has excellent service, I will recommend it !!!
Posted By:Muhamed Tulic
Second course I have completed and have enjoy the course content and structure. I am now am about to do my third course.
Posted By:m Saayman
Everything was really well presented. Thank you!
Posted By:Etienne Poolman
The course materials are good and cover a wide range of topics. Whilst I did not require much support from my trainer, her response to any queries I did have were very prompt.
Posted By:Kate Harrison
The coursework was well-organized and provided me with a lot of information that I did not know. I may have taught before, but this added so much more to my knowledge. Excellent resources.
Posted By:Amanda German
I find the course complete and helpful. I learned some new things and hopefully I will be able to use this information in the future.
Posted By:Oprea Timi
This course has been very informative and useful. Thank you.
Posted By:Sanja Stankovic
This was a very simple process and the people at global language training are very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process.
Posted By:dorian young
Very well organized, conceptually balanced and practical course.
Posted By:Aleksandar Gribovski
The TEYL course is well organized with many resources and clear and concise texts.
Posted By:Mirna Djogic
I am happy that I did a course with global TEFL.It was very informative and as a teacher I learnt a lot of new way on how to approach my teaching especially when dealing with children who are now learning English.Thank You once again for this vital information.
Posted By:Claudia Lampley
A truly amazing experience that enhanced my teaching skills
Posted By:Igor Stajic
I really like the chance of taking the TEFL certification and the variety and comprehensive information found in this course. I also found interesting how the course is very well linked for rapid understanding and contextualization. Thanks
Posted By:Ariel Guzman
I am very satisfied with this course! It was fun and very simple to use!
Posted By:Neira Pecenkovic
Global TEFL was easy to use and so informative, it has prepared me to go out there and teach English.
Posted By:Gabriella Moschini
I very much enjoyed the program! Everything was comprehensible and informative. I was grateful to receive some quality professional development in my pursuit of being a better teacher.
Posted By:Dannel Marchese
Very useful for me to learn the different and effective methods in teaching English, which I could apply in my teaching experience. With clear and professional materials, solid assignments and quizzes, especially with advices from the trainee, which assist me to learn by myself effectively.
Posted By:Yi-Chun Tsai
TEFL has been a great experience for me and a great opportunity for those who want to teach and travel at the same time. It was very convenient to do it online. I am very excited and looking forward to start my career as a teacher.
Posted By:Saba Unsar
I really enjoyed working through the resources. They were very insightful.
Posted By:René Botha
This 120 HR TEFL course was great! Thank You :)
Posted By:Kenny Wong
The course was very informative to me and has helpful suggestions on being successful as a teacher. Thank you.
Posted By:Bibi Lall
I really enjoyed my experience with Global TEFL and am grateful to start my career as an English teacher. The course has equipped me with tools that every English teacher should have. It is extremely interactive and user-friendly
Posted By:Mohomotji Marishane
Very informative and helpful. I am very excited to use the communicative approach to TEFL in my adventure overseas.
Posted By:Kelli Gascon
Global TEFL is very useful, it helped me to be more confident and I really learned some good techniques to use in the classroom. Thank you very much.
Posted By:Carolina Ramalho
I found this course very empowering and informative. I have already recommended it to my friends and family and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in furthering their career in the EFL industry.

5 Stars!
Posted By:Gadija Nakidien
Course content well laid out and explained. Tutors were prompt and friendly.
Posted By:Rowan Moessner
This Business English CertificateCourse offers time-flexible arrangement and is substantial in content. Plus, many practical teaching activities are involved.
Posted By:Xiaodong ZHENG
Globat TEFL has taught me many new things and reiterated some of the things I already knew. I highly recommend doing a TEFL course through this site. The trainers are amazing and respond within given time frames, very willing to help.
Posted By:Luthfiyah Sadek
I`ve just completed 120 hour TEFL online course with Global TEFL.It was comprehensive and very useful.All the modules were engaging and easy to follow,the tests and assignments were challenging.I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain confidence in EFL teaching.
Posted By:Elena Pashkova
Very Good and Quick response time :)
Posted By:Janine Kilian
Global TEFL provided an informative and interesting TEFL course. The trainers were responsive and helpful. I am confident that the skills and practices that I learned in this course will help me in teaching English!
Posted By:Jordan Jakuszyk
This was very useful and practically applicable course. I am amazed by amount of useful information from this course and it upgraded my performance as a teacher a lot.
Posted By:Cera Imsirovic
Thank you for making the learning experience smooth and easy to follow.
Posted By:Yusuf Jonathan
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The perspectives are relevant and useful.
Posted By:Deena Robinson
Global TEFL is the perfect place to obtainyour certification. Each module is thorough and teaches you a lot.
Everything about the learning platform is simple but effective
Posted By:Liam Mackenzie
My friend referred me to Global TEFL and I am glad he did! This was a very straight-forward course. I did not feel confused or overwhelmed. I will recommend it to others in need of a TEFL/TESOL certificate! Thank you.
Posted By:Austin Glass
Well organized and most importantly very enjoyable course. Covered important topics for someone who is on his way to become a teacher. Thank you :)
Posted By:Nikola Stojanovic
I have had a great experience and look forward to taking more courses with Global TEFL
Posted By:Athi-lwanda Sisialana
Excellent course, very detailed and easy to follow. The videos are especially helpful as they show you real teaching using the skills and strategies you are learning as you work through the course.
Posted By:Samantha McMillan
I found the course to be incredibly useful - with thorough sections on all the main skills. There is also a lot of information on job searching, CVs and interviews which is very helpful.
Posted By:Polly Grice
This course was very helpful. I did the 150 hour TEFL course and I am very happy with the outcome and trainer support :)
Posted By:Michelle .
Global TEFL gave me an amazing opportunity and I am very thankful and they were very helpful with everything I needed I will defiantly consider it to anyone wanting to travel and teach. Thank you.
Posted By:Joel Cameron
Global TEFL has provided me with an easy platform with which to complete a TEFL. A very good experience.
Posted By:Nicola Human
The course was quite pleasant and I finished it faster than I expected. Trainers were also extremely helpful with swift replies that made it easier to get the course done.
Thanks so much for the added education experience, I look forward to starting my teaching advebture.
Posted By:Kaylin Carollisen
The content was relevant and practical. The course contains lots of sensible advice on how to make pleasant and productive learning experiences for your students.
Posted By:Jordan Palmer
Global TEFL is a lovely course which covers a range of important learning areas. The trainers are efficient and helpful. I am impressed.
Posted By:Kayleigh Lotz
Very good course that helped me learn a lot. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking to go abroad as a teacher.
Posted By:Dylan Fourie
It was a very interesting course and I feel confident I could conduct useful business English lessons with my students
Posted By:Mercedes Lindon
Easily accessible course and sufficient variations of context that helps towards developing a deeper understanding of the modules.
Posted By:Senay Avci
Thank you very much for such opportunity to become a better teacher and for such a pleasant experience!
Posted By:Kateryna Boholiub
It is great and useful to learn many teaching skills with Global. I am really glad I have taken TEYL.
Posted By:Ariston Liang
The Global TEFL TEYL course was exceptional.
As a whole the course is fully comprehensive and in depth.
It is of a high standard and I would certainly recommend it.
Posted By:Kendall Miller-Coates
I have enjoyed the CLT approach to teaching English, I will be able to use this approach while teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Thank you,
John Gason
Posted By:John Gascon
I learned so much from this course. I now feel ready to begin teaching English with confidence!
Posted By:sunny gorg
It was a great course that I have enjoyed very much and the questions for the final test were well structured!
Posted By:Stevan Mijailovic
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was simple, informative and will definitely help me to achieve my TEFL teacher goals!
Posted By:ayesha Essop
Posted By:Jelena Djordjic
Excellent course. In depth course material, so I knew exactly what I needed to know and learn.
Really enjoyed the course and I had a wonderful trainer - Johanna. Will recommend the course to family and friends.
Thank you so much.
From Karyn Clainos
Posted By:Karyn Clainos
Really good course. Do-able for every fluent speaker of English. Bite-sized modules make it easy, but also slightly boring. My browser (Google Chrome) took a long time to switch over to the next page!
The trainer (trainer3 Sid Clancy) was an excellent help and his comments (also positive ones) really helpful!
Posted By:Corinna Spellerberg
I completed the online masters TEFL course and I can honestly say that it was an amazing learning experience. The online structure is really good and the coursework is interesting and engaging. I also enjoyed all the extra reading materials and information that was provided. The feedback from my trainer was quick and very professional.
Posted By:Johanna Joubert
The course was very detailed and covered areas I never thought much about. The quiz at the end of each module is a great idea and tool to assess how the information has been received and stored. The number of modules was also enough anymore would have been too much.
Posted By:Salome Fisher
I am very happy with this course. All the information was there as needed. The material was comprehensible and the tests were based on the material. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I feel very confident that I have been thoroughly prepared to work as an EFL teacher. Thanks Global TEFL.
Posted By:Amanda Myers
The content of this course was very useful and helpful. Thanks a million for educating me on the various aspects of teaching young learners. Would recommend this course. Amazing!
Posted By:Kemesha Tobin-Dunn
That is the best course for teachers!
Posted By:Kateryna Boholiub
Thank you! This was a very exciting experience for me!
Posted By:Mark Boholiub
I had a very good experience working with Global TEFL.
Posted By:Wiehan Boshoff
This course was quite comprehensive and easy to follow. Some of the information was new to me but could be easily understood because of how it was presented. An excellent course, I am glad to have been exposed to it.
Posted By:Dezrene Mairs-Ingram
I enjoyed the TEYL lessons that were provided through Global TEFL. It was apparent that every lesson was well thought-out and careful consideration given to the essential things that are necessary to ensure the success of the teacher. The information was valuable and extremely helpful! I feel better prepared to teach my younger students English.
Posted By:Marva Brewington
Great course Global
Posted By:william donohue
All useful and relevant content with no filler. The sensibilities displayed by the course writers are especially compatible with the demands of teaching in private schools.
Posted By:Jordan Palmer
Excellent training material.
Posted By:Shanaaz Van Rooyen
Was very awesome doing the course.
Posted By:Janine Naidoo
It was a very complete course. I really enjoyed it very much
Posted By:Rodrigo Rojas
Global TEFL was very practical and works very efficiënt.
Posted By:Timothy Hutsebaut
This was a very informative and educational course. It has broadened my knowledge in teaching English.
Posted By:Sunitha Ramlagan
I sincerely enjoyed my TEFL experience with global TEFL. My trainer was very helpful and supportive and I learnt so much about the English language, even though it is my first language. The course has left me feeling prepared and excited!!
Posted By:Danica Davis
Excellent course providing extensive and useful information on teaching English to young learners.
Posted By:Reni Valcheva
The 40 hour introductory course offers an excellent insight into the topic of teaching English. It is very comprehensive and gives a detailed explanation of the communicative approach to learning language as well as multiple examples and ideas how to make a lesson plan and how to best organize and develop classes on our own.
Posted By:Azra Huseinagic
The training material is excellent, and well groomed.
Posted By:Shanaaz Van Rooyen
I enjoyed reading over everything. It really help and open up my mind to classroom teaching
Posted By:Lesibana Mamashela
Posted By:Aleksandra KOSECKA
Overall, this was a great course that was super easy to follow and full of good information.
Posted By:Jodi Schneck
This is a great program. I just think there should maybe be two different exams to even out the material..
Posted By:Sintea Ntsikinyana
Global TEFL helped me to learn much more about ESL learning and provided me with a good amount of useful information. Thank you.
Posted By:Rebecca Hoch
Pleased with the quality of the course. Very informative.
Posted By:Aimee Potter
great course, website has a easy and accessible layout. my trainer was also very helpful
Posted By:Irene Dolan
This was a great learning experience, I learned a lot about how to teach English to young learners.
Posted By:Tamara Milinkovic
I found the course very interesting and had a very good trainer. Thank you
Posted By:Janine Naidoo
Great course Global
Posted By:Samuel musz
Excellent course that provided extensive and useful knowledge about teaching second language to young learners.
Posted By:Reni Valcheva
Great Course. Global
Posted By:Minja Lepar
Well planned course.
easy to follow and understand.
Posted By:Dudley Deane
modules were easy to follow and understand.
great way of learning
Posted By:Dudley Deane
I liked this TEFL a lot. It helped me to extend my knowledge of online teaching. I have learned many new and useful things that I will use in my teaching. Thanks!
Posted By:Mirnes Brkic
This course was very practical and has lots of interesting material and tips. I would totally recommend this course in the future.
Posted By:Luis Coss
I would recommend this course for people who have experience as a teacher but need TEFL certification.
Posted By:Jonathan Hellman
I found the Global TEFL course very useful, well structured with lots of useful information - both theory and practical tips how to plan the lesson and manage the class. I also liked the videos and other helpful links how to improve your lessons.
Posted By:Katerina Kutejova
I really enjoyed the course, it took me hours to understand every term as I am not used to studying in english. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Posted By:Jesse McKinley
I learnt a lot in this course. Would definitely recommend.
Posted By:Eva Coetzee
Great Course! Global
Posted By:Herbet Matemera
Good crash course that covers all of the basics and gives you an efficient perspective and what to expect while teaching if you have little or no experience.
Posted By:Brandon Brown
Global TEFL has given me a lot of knowledge and resources on teaching English. The resources and explanations they provided are very good and easy to follow. I enjoyed this course very much!
Posted By:Katherine Webber
I am happy that I decided to take this course. It gave me a lot of new knowledge about teaching English. I strongly recommend it to everyone, who wants to enhance their career and become a better professional. That was a wonderful journey and valuable experience! Thanks to the course creators and designers, the trainers and the customer support team! You all did a great job!
Posted By:Lilit Tamrazyan
I found this a very helpful and thorough course. The materials and guidelines were clear and easy to understand. This has been a great opportunity to learn something new and I am excited to take my qualification and see other cultures, countries and teach an important skill.
Posted By:Stephanie Lyle
A very useful course.
Posted By:Pauli Liestalo
This course has been so amazing and get easy to get around it definitely is a great one with great trainers
Posted By:Leona Govender
Global TEFL is a highly professional, program which encourages and stimulates the growth of English Teachers. I would recommend it to anyone. I am very pleased with it and with the trainers.
Posted By:James Human
All in all it was a good experience. The trainer was very help full
Posted By:Gerhard van der Vyver
great information, quick response from trainer. very useful and helpful.
Posted By:katie wright
I have completed my course.I have enjoyed globaltefl and will recommend it to anyone.
Posted By:Firdows Sonday
This was a very interesting and beneficial course that I feel will help me to improve my teaching skills.
Posted By:Myrna Gunn
I enjoyed the course. It went well. I learned many mew things which will equip me to teach English online.
Posted By:Chenille Francisco
After completing 3 online courses with Global TEFL, I found myself more organized and qualified to teach English as a foreign language to different levels of students. The information and tips are very much useful and supportive. I am really glad that I have chosen Global TEFL.
Posted By:JIA-YI LEE
I like the course, I believe it encompassed all the pertinent topics and relevant parts of what teaching should entail.
Posted By:Vuk Martinovic
I think its a good class and enjoyed it.
Posted By:Tom Svensson
Global TEFL has been very supportive in helping me completing the course. The information and content in the course is vast and enlightening. I am 100% sure I have what it takes to become a great teacher after completing this course. Thank you
Posted By:Henning Eksteen
good and quick responses from my tefl trainer, i liked the forums, useful information and learning.
Posted By:katie wright
The modules were well-organized and the material was very clear. There was also a good mix of videos and text.
Posted By:Fred Gilbert
This has been a wonderful experience. I have had the best trainer support. I would definitely recommend Global TEFL to my friends.
They wont give me my certificate despite having completed and passed all assignments and modules.
Posted By:Alexander Eady
The training was well-worth of my time. I learned a lot not only the terminologies but all information are very useful. This makes me more confident in the performance of my job. Thank you, my expectations were exceeded.
This was a very informative class and the final lesson plan forced me to become very familiar with great ways to present new material and it also helped me retain a lot of information that will be very useful in the classroom.
Posted By:Laura Ranieri
The course is very useful and very nicely composed.
Posted By:Jolanda Miljkovic
An enjoyable experience to learn with such an important institution, to gain experience first hand, to enjoy this learning and get better performance rates with my classes; Hope that you can forgive me to learn til the deadline date, I enjoyed every minute of it, reviewed several times and studied every detail of it. I investigated, reviewed, observed and inferred, as much as I would like my students to! :) See you next time, and thank you for your collaboration, it was my pleasure and beautiful experience, that I will remember for the rest as I continue living; Yours Truly,
Minja Lepar
Consultant For VIPABC, China and TutorABCJunior :)
Posted By:Minja Lepar
I had a great time doing this course and I have learnt so much. no I can say I am a better teacher. thank you
Posted By:Dany Zapata
This was a good course for teaching children. i will take this knowledge with me into the classroom to help me be an effective teacher. Thank you!
Posted By:tracey crispell
Global TEFL is an extraordinary course from which I have learned a lot about teaching techniques!Thank you!
Posted By:Stevan Vojnov
Thank you for making this course possible through a very easy-to-follow and well structured course. I would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching.
Posted By:Cindy Van niekerk
Great Course! Global
Posted By:joe macpherson
I have enjoyed the course, the material is comprehensive and the trainer helpful
Posted By:Shireen Büchler
I am confident that this course has prepared me to be the best English teacher possible.

My trainer was very helpful with regards to my lesson plan.
Posted By:Darren Pillay
This course is very comprehensive. It delves into all the aspects of teaching English to young learner. I also liked the practical videos from the University of Oregon.
Posted By:Michael Gyabaah
Great course and a wonderful help for teaching.
Posted By:Juliette Long
A wonderful tool to ensure being a great teacher. Very helpful.
Posted By:Juliette Long
It was my first experience with Global TEFL. I found it very convenient and useful platform. Support was quick to response.
Posted By:Andrey Agafonov
I liked this course. All the information provided is really useful.
Posted By:Martha Ambriz
"Using Technology in TEFL/TESOL instruction" course was very interesting, comprehensive and informative. The learning platform was very user-friendly and easy to navigate with opportunities to revise information and questions.
Posted By:Sophia Gaines
I loved learning how to be a good English teacher. I learned very helpful tips.
Posted By:Devon Lee
Great Course!Global
Posted By:Darryl Breytenbach
I loved studying with Global TEFL. It helped me feel more confident in my teaching skills and learn the lingo and skills to become a professional. I am planning to take more courses with them in the future. I would highly recommend them.
Posted By:Camila Swift
I really enjoyed takimg my course with Global TEFL. I will tell my friends about your site so they can get trained too.

Thanks for everything.

I would like to request my certificate please.
Posted By:Chenille Francisco
I found the guidelines for this course very thorough! I have only studied biological sciences at tertiary level and was a little apprehensive about learning material I was not at all familiar with. I enjoyed the content and found my trainer was very helpful and prompt with responding to me. I am proud to have completed my course and I am looking forward to getting into teaching English!!
Posted By:Stephanie Lyle
This is overall an great program that has support when needed and a lot of useful information that is easy to understand with good directions.
Posted By:Sharon Spring
I will recommend Global TEFL to all my friends. All the modules are well organized and highly insightful. My tutor, Johanna, has been a great help and she offered useful advice.

This course has me feeling confident and equipped to undertake any Language teaching position.
Posted By:Darren Pillay
It was a very well explained and engaging course. I would highly recommend this course.
Posted By:Jo-Anne Myburgh
great experience
Posted By:Tamara Miric
I have really enjoyed your courses. I particularly like the fact that notes can be downloaded then read any time I have a free moment. There are a few errors in the notes which need to be corrected but otherwise very happy. I have really enjoyed them. Thank you
Posted By:Priscilla Clifton
Well organized and exceptionally informative material that covers a wide range of topics. Excellent customer care.
Posted By:Nikola Radic
Great course Global
Posted By:Mikyla Pearson
dead good.
Posted By:Alexander Eady
Global TEFL provides great teaching courses and information, which is very useful for teachers.
Posted By:Wan-Yun Wu
Very informative course, will definitely recommend it.
Posted By:Athanasios Goulas
Great Course! Global
Posted By:Jonathan van der Walt
Global TEFL is a user friendly way to get TEFL qualified. The tutors are very helpful and quick to reply to any concerns and feedback quickly on assignments. The modules are easy to navigate and the videos make the course moreinteractive and interesting.
Posted By:Claire Garforth
This course provides many resources to help prepare for becoming a EFL/ESL teacher.
Posted By:Tryva Georges
It was very informative and valuable for me. I really liked the tutorial videos and enjoyed all the assignments. It´s given new ideas and will do my best to implement all this knowledge in my teaching.
Posted By:Raniya Abdullina - UK
good course but tutors could reply quicker
Posted By:ellen higgins
Global TEFL makes everything understandable and uncomplicated! Thanks
Posted By:Jean-Pierre le Roux
The course was very "user friendly" and easy to navigate. All the content seems relevant
Posted By:Catherine Prokopiak
In order to make myself with qualifications of teaching English as a foreign language, I decided to take the online courses of Global TEFL/TEYL and enjoyed those helpful and supportive modules very much. The comprehensive courses and tips help me build confidence and professional skills for my future teaching career.
Posted By:JIA-YI LEE
I found Global TEFL to be very insightful and I really enjoyed my course.
Posted By:Maria Davis
Very thorough.
Posted By:Carl Jelks
I have enjoyed very much taking this course and I feel like it has helped me greatly.
Posted By:rachel fricchione
I have been very busy lately, so I appreciated that I was able to read and study at my own pace. The self study questions were very helpful and the final test was comprehensive.
Posted By:Andreea Albu
It`s a very practical course. I would have liked it to have more modern video representations and I would have prefered to have more and quicker assistance from the support team..
Posted By:Isis Cornier
Great course!
Posted By:rachel moretuzzo
Great course will definitely recommend it!
Posted By:Jarryd Wilson
Very clear and structured course!
Posted By:I Weurman
The program was very straight forward and easy to understand!
Posted By:Sadie Kent
Practical way of learning how to teach English, everything I needed to refresh the little experience I had as an inexperience teacher.
Posted By:Val Pencheva
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
I am just starting today and so excited about, the course seems to be very informative, there are videos, readings and forums. Lots of people are sharing their experiences and information... I believe it´s a good idea to get TEFL certified.
Posted By:Vesna Kitanovska
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Couldn´t be happier with the given content and high level of great content to learn from! Global Language Training offers a great 150hour course!
Posted By:Thurstan James Cole
Somerset West, Western Cape South Africa
5 Stars Course - 150 hour Master TEFL course. I really enjoyed it and the service was outstanding. Please keep up the great job.
Posted By:Paulo Silva
I discover that TEFL isn’t just a matter of supporting CV to find a good job, it stands as an experience
Posted By:Ammar Mustafa Mahadi
Jartum, Sudan
The Master TEFL course has been an amazing experience for me. I have wanted to do 'TEFL' for many years and have now finally done this. I feel on top of the world. The master course with Global Language Training has met all of my expectations: it was sufficiently challenging and not too easy. My trainer is awesome. I wish I had made more use of Johanna's support in the moments where I felt most challenged working through the course. I feel as though I have made a friend with Johanna. She is patient and sincerely supportive which something that I truly appreciated. Johanna responds to emails promptly thus allowing me to progress quickly. The forums were useful in the sense that I could hear what others were thinking about a particular topic. This peek 'into' took the daunting out of forum and it encouraged me to participate on the platform too. I would tell my friends that my study with Global Language Training was an all-round good experience on many levels of the person. I gave registration information to three good friends. One registered and is currently studying with Global Language Training.
Posted By:Tim Murphy
London, UK
Great customer service, Harold very politely assisted me in resolving my issue. Even went as far as offering me an extension for the time i lost! Five stars
Posted By:Matt Leppan
Cape Town - South Africa
I am very honored and glad to receive the scholarship from Global TEFL/TESOL last year which is totally useful to my future career path. I like the academic content inserted and more explained by clip videos. They help me a lot to clearly understand and apply with my teaching. Even though it's just an online study, the content is described as if i studied with a real teacher. I'm impressed the mentor always keeping in touch and following my studying progress. This course is really useful and helps me to decide about my master field easily
Posted By:Pa Ukaranun
Chiang Mai, Thailand
The TEFL course at Global Language Training is very detailed and comprehensive! You are gradually molded into becoming that competent and professional EFL teacher that you have always wanted to become!! The course involves modules that build your teaching skills and English skills with particular emphasis on 'communication', rather than linguistics. Hence, I now understand that linguistics, though important, should be seen as a means to an end, that is linguistics (grammar, vocabulary, etc..) is a raw material for good communication, not a concept that should be taught in isolation or very independently to achieve the much needed fluency and knowledge. The TEFL course at Global TEFL though lengthy has what it takes to launch the patient trainee into that dream TEFL career they have always aspired for. I must say that I am happy to be associated with Global TEFL, and I will not relent in my efforts towards achieving success in the course. Ultimately, I won´t stop seeking ways to improve my 'communicative competence'!!!
Posted By:Tosin Majid
Abuya - Nigeria
It's helped me a lot to refresh my teaching skill and to improve the teaching qualification I have already
Posted By:Tana Gaby
Cambridge, England, UK
I am taking the 150 hour course. The course is nicely set out in 10 modules with short chapters on every topic. I really liked that I did not have to read chapters and chapters of work, but could take it in small bite-sized chunks. That helped me a lot. Also each section has a few self study questionnaires, online quizzes. The opportunity to test yourself is abundant so you know you've got the gist of the module. Every time I had an issue, I would chat message their Facebook page and ALWAYS got a quick response from them. They were able to assist me so kindly. I never felt like I was bothering them with my questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GLOBAL TEFL!!!
Posted By:Julia Richmond
Cape Town - South Africa
The 150 hour course has 11 modules. This course contains text and video portions. You can interact with your fellow students through the forums in each module. To complete the course, you will need to pass two exams, a classroom management assignment, and a lesson plan final assignment. You will be in direct contact with your trainer to assist you and grade your final assignment. There are optional quizzes each module to test your understanding. I enjoyed it. I’m used to online learning. I earned my accredited bachelor’s degree online, and I have several online certificates. This course was not that different from my previous online education. I found the price to be reasonable. I enjoyed interacting with my trainer, Lionel Ferer. He was very insightful in my final assignment review. His tips have already come in handy as I work online teaching English currently. This course has boosted my credentials to employers. They are often impressed to see a 150 hour course. This course taught me to be more effective. Overall, I can say this course made be a better teacher. Thank you Global TEFL/TESOL!
Posted By:Burlingtina Vines
Birmingham (Alabama) USA
I have just completed a TEFL course with Global. I found that the course was very well designed and clearly presented. The development of language is very well covered, the grammar unit is clear and comprehensive and there are plenty of examples of teaching in action, which is particularly useful. I was impressed at the amount of extra information given, such as, internet sites, course books etc.

My tutor was very impressive. She corrected my assignments in great detail at times suggesting alternative perspectives and added very helpful advice to my lesson plan. All in all, I found the course very interesting and stimulating. Many thanks!
Posted By:O´Sullivan Maeve
Having completed the TEFL/TESOL I commenced on the TEYL, which I hope to teach young learners in the future. I highly recommend both these courses if you are intending to work within the primary sector. I plan to utilise both these certificates, as I have applied as an English Language Assistant in Spain. I have enjoyed both courses and I have had the same tutor throughout. Lionel, who as ever, was so helpful and encouraging. I would advise anybody who is thinking of a new career or a change of career to teach English as a second language to take both courses.
Posted By:Nicola Harrison
I was always a little bit apprehensive about signing up for an online TEFL as there are so many companies providing TEFL, TESOL and other similar courses. A friend of mine recommended Global Language Training for the reasonable price and excellent service. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. I followed the 150 hour course which was broken down into 8 different modules. The modules were very well structured and easy to follow with many videos of experienced TEFL teachers practicing in the field to enhance the learning experience. My tutor was always very helpful and responded immediately with constructive feedback to all of my emails and homework assignments. I am very pleased to have completed my TEFL with Global TEFL. It was a very interesting course to follow and will help me in my teaching here in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Thanks to all the Global TEFL team!!
Posted By:Sean Cogill
I have just completed my TEFL course with Global TEFL and I am so happy that I decided to do this course. The modules were very interesting as well as informative and they explained everything so clearly. I never found myself feeling lost and having to constantly email my trainer to explain what I was learning. I feel that I have learn't a great deal of valuable information from this course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you to my trainer for all his invaluable help and to the entire Global TEFL team.
Posted By:Melissa Coetzee
I am very grateful for all the help and support given to me by the Global TEFL team and my trainer Lionel!! Really enjoyed the course, I found it a bit difficult at the beginning but as I understood it more I really enjoyed working through the modules and now feel confident enough to go and teach English on my own. Thank you so much. Very happy student right now!
Posted By:Polly Pumfrey
I really enjoyed doing the course and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in a career in teaching. The course is a real eye opener and the support from my personal trainer was wonderful. I always had a very quick response to any of my queries and gave me the support I needed to complete and pass the course. On the whole, it has been an amazing experience. Place of work: Manchester Metropolitan University.
Posted By:Ruhena Begum
I signed up to do the course as I am going travelling in January. India and South East Asia are my first stops. Having a degree in languages, I wanted to do a TEFL course as I wanted to have the option to teach whilst I am away and to get a feel for what it's really like. I have always thought of teaching as a career, and to be honest, now having completed the course I would consider going back to university after travelling to do a PGCE. I would recommend the course to anybody - I have never taught before so no prior experience is needed. Many thanks for all your assistance.
Posted By:Natalie Gibbons
My name is Fernando Aguayo and I am currently teaching English online. The course is very concise and straight to the point, which makes it easier to follow and complete in a very short time. Each module has its resources and extra materials to read if needed, which were great! The videos helped a lot in order to have a clear picture of what was covered in the readings and it also showed real classroom lessons being taught. The tutor contributed with comments and examples in the assignments so that I could improve what I had done wrong. I would definitely recommend this course to professionals and beginners in teaching English.
Posted By:Fernando Aguayo
A professional and very well presented course, providing a user-friendly website; clear and concise notes and resources as well. The student forums were great and personal feedback on all assignments and queries. I would highly recommend this course and Global Language Training to others.
Posted By:Wray N. Mayne
South Africa
I am a teacher with the public education system in Australia and I needed to build my knowledge and skill in the core skills embedded in all curriculum now. I decided to go on-line and complete this course when my busy schedule permitted. I found the course to be accessible, affordable and delivered and assessed by very professional education staff. My queries where always responded to promptly and I received relevant and timely feedback. I am pleased to have completed the course and recommend it to others who wish to build their capabilities in the following areas of teaching: Learning, reading, writing, oral communication in the context of English as a foreign language.
Posted By:Jan Burguez
The Global Language Training's online course was a thorough, challenging, and useful tool with many practical ideas, even for me, a current English teacher and administrator. I highly recommend the course for anyone looking to learn how to teach English as a foreign language to others.
Posted By:James
I highly recommend this course for anyone even just thinking of traveling. My tutor was a great help and always responded with useful feedback within 48 hours! I learnt grammar skills I didn't know before and useful teaching techniques. I'm definitely going to take this information and share it globally with every class room I teach. Thanks Global TEFL!!" Thanks again :)
Posted By:Kayleigh Baker
I have just finished the final exam and thus completed all of the requirements for the course..Thank you for being my trainer and guiding me with your advice and comments. I really learned a lot from this course and will surely recommend it to others in future.
Posted By:Hanel Stone
South Africa
I really enjoyed this course. My trainer provided all of the necessary feedback to complete my assignments and also the grammar test. Thank you very much for all of your support and feedback! Your comments and notes were very helpful. This course also taught me a bit more about grammar as well! Thanks!!
Posted By:Joelene Jetnarayan
South Africa
The TEFL course is not as easy as it appears at first glance. It is in-depth, has wonderful examples, videos, links, and is the most interesting course I have undertaken in years! The staff and trainers at Global Language Training are the most awesome people to deal with! You feel as if they know you personally and have been friends for years - they are extremely helpful, friendly, and have the utmost patience when assisting you. I am almost sad that my course has come to an end.
Posted By:El-Marie Schuster
The TEFL course was very informative and interesting. Great service with regards to tutor appointment, response to queries and feedback on assignments.
Posted By:Harlene Sokaloo
South Africa
For some time I have wanted to complete a TEFL course, but the problem has always been, where could I find the time? By chance I came across Global Language Training and I realised that I could easily do it in my spare time at home by doing it online.I did the 150 hour Master TEFL course and found the reading and video components of the course to be comprehensive, easy to follow and quite interesting. The assignments were sufficiently challenging without being too daunting and the forums also gave me opportunities to share ideas.
Posted By:Martin Downing
I have just completed the Master TEFL/TESOL course, and I highly recommend it. I really feel that I learnt a lot, and my theoretical knowledge and teaching skills have increased significantly thanks to this course. My trainer Harold was very professional and courteous, and he responded to all of my questions and assignment submissions very promptly. Overall, I am really glad that I did this course, and I am sure that doing this course has made me a better English teacher.
Posted By:Owen Phillips
South Africa
I've really enjoyed the course ( if only I'd done one before having to tutor students at uni, even-though it was a different subject, it would have made me a better teacher). Moreover, my trainer was fantastic. I learned tons from his feedback & advice.
Posted By:Amy Daniels