How we use cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is saved to the hard drive of your computer when you use a website.

For more information on how we use cookies please read the information below:

Cookies relate to each device, and therefore if you are accessing the same webpage from multiple devices (phone, ipad, and laptop for example), you need to set your cookie preferences for each device. If you say no to advertising cookies on your laptop for example, you will still get these adverts on your phone if you have not also selected your preferences specifically on your phone.

Cookies are divided in two categories:

•  Session Cookie

Session Cookies are operational only for the duration that you are accessing our website. Once you exit our courses or website and close your browser, the cookie is deleted. These types of cookies are normally used for ensuring security when you connect to the webpage.

•  Persistent Cookie

Persistent Cookies are stored in your device until they expire (some cookies have an expiration date), or until you delete them. Our cookies will have a 6-month expiration date. These types of cookies are usually used to capture your behaviour when you access a website, such as how long you spend on a page, which pages you have viewed, as well as your preferences for marketing and advertising.

In general terms the type of data will depend on specific websites, and the purpose of the Cookie:

•  Websites you visited and browsing history
•  The type of device you are using
•  Software and hardware on your device
•  A unique id
•  A session Id
•  A session start and end time
•  Date you visited the website
•  Expiry data of the cookie
•  Passwords and user names
•  Your preferences
•  IP address

There are a few ways in which you can give Consent for using Cookies that need your consent.

•  You can click the box on our website that pop up to allow us to use them when you first visit our website, and periodically when you continue to use our website.
•  You can choose your preferences by enabling and disabling cookies within the browser you are using, for example, within Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Fire Fox. You can also delete the cookies anytime on your browser.

You can withdraw consent for cookies

•  You can go into your browser settings and change the Cookie settings you have chosen.
•  You may need to remove the persistent cookie text files that have an expiry date in the future on your browser.
•  Deselect or reselect alternative choices, with tick boxes, where those options exist on your browser.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding our cookies policy.